These 4 Women in Hoodies at the Mall Are Going Viral for the Point They Were Trying to Prove

Image of four women wearing hoodiesShannon Arthur via Facebook

You might’ve heard the recent news about four African American males getting kicked out of a mall in Memphis, Tennessee for what they were wearing.

Police say that they escorted the men out of Wolfchase Galleria because they were wearing hoodies, which went against the mall dress code.

While there is a code of conduct that states that people must wear appropriate clothing to the mall, there are no specifics listed as what type of clothing is considered appropriate.

After the news struck, four white female friends decided to see if the mall was falling victim to racial profiling. They headed to the same mall, all four of them dressed in hoodies, to see if they’d get kicked out as well.

However, the women didn’t run into any trouble in their attire. They even decided to put their hoods up to see if that made a difference.

While one of the women stated that a security guard did ask them to put their hoods down, she said he did so in a very polite way and explained to them it was because they “need to be able to identify everyone’s faces.”

The women even noted that they saw mall patrons wearing baseball caps, which may cover faces even more than hoods do, and no one was asked to remove those.

“I respect law enforcement. And mall cops. But there’s no question that some members of our community are constantly harassed and traumatized where those with less melanin are given a pass. We must do better,” Shannon Arthur stated in her now viral Facebook post outlining their experiment.

“It just struck a chord on us that we could do that,” said Sherry Ennis, one of the women. “We could walk through there, we could take pictures, we could wear whatever we wanted.”

What do you think of these girls’ point regarding racial profiling? Do you think he dress code needs to be clearer? What are your thoughts regarding this situation?