Latest Puzzle Has Us Searching For 5 Lemons Hidden Among the Chicks

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf

How much does a lemon look like a baby chick? A lot when they’re drawn by artist Gergely Dudás, who is also known as Dudolf.

Dudás is a master at creating hidden picture puzzles where you try to search for a hidden image within a picture. His latest image has us looking for 5 lemons that he has masterfully hidden in a picture full of lemon yellow chicks.

One thing that Dudás does in a lot of his hidden image pictures is add fun yet distracting objects within the picture. For example, in this picture of the chicks where we’re supposed to be looking for lemons, we find ourselves distracted by the chicks wearing hats, sunglasses and even a bowtie. We’re not supposed to be looking for hats, sunglasses and a bowtie though. Like we said, Dudás’s pictures are masterful.

As with any hidden picture image, we recommend a methodical approach to solving it if you can’t solve it right away just by looking at it. It can be helpful to start in one corner of the picture and look at it in either vertical or horizontal rows, moving your way across the picture and looking for the hidden objects along the way. This way, you will make sure you don’t miss a spot.

See how long it takes you to find all 5 lemons hidden in the picture below.

Did you find them? How long did it take?

Didn’t find them yet? When/if you give up or want to verify that you have found all of the lemons, you can find the answer key here.

Do you like hidden picture puzzles? If you want to try your hand at solving even more hidden pictures created by Dudás, try finding the stars among the flowers, and look for the apples hidden among the bird houses.

Were you able to find all 5 lemons hidden in this puzzle without looking at the answer key?