4 for the Price of 1 Facial Cleansing Cloths

I love Olay facial cleansing cloths! If you have ever used them you may understand. They cleanse, exfoliate, remove make-up, and are very gentle. When finished, you throw out the cloth. They are about $5-7 dollars for
30, depending on if they are on sale or you have coupons.

So here is how I get way more uses than 30 out of one package. When I get them home, I cut each cloth into 4 sections. They are folded, I just cut along the folds (while they are still folded) and it never takes more than 10 minutes to do the whole package. So one package lasts me 4 times as long! Re-use the containers and just buy the refill packs to save money. The store brands work just as well as Olay also, I’ve tried them all.