4 Alternative Money-Saving Healthcare Resources

It’s no secret that healthcare is expensive. However, there are options out there that will help you save money. Here are some ways to think outside the box and get the care you’re looking for on a budget:

Your Local Fire Station

Need to get your blood pressure and blood sugar checked? You don’t need to make an appointment at the doctor’s office. Just head into your local fire station, no appointment (or payment) necessary, and get checked out by a medical professional.

24/7 Nurse Advice Lines

Save yourself some money not to mention needless suffering by taking advantage of a nurse advice line. Many hospitals, communities and even insurance companies provide toll-free nurse advice lines 24/7. So the next time you�re ill or wondering if you should visit your doctor, consider saving the doctor visit copay and instead pick up the phone. To quickly and easily find out if such a service is available, call your insurance provider or a local hospital.

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