31 Brilliant Tricks to Finding Hidden Treasures at the Thrift Store

The thrift store is a beautiful place. Whether it’s floors upon floors or just a tiny little downtown shop, there are bound to be hidden treasures within every thrift store you enter. The best part is, there’s not just one thing being sold! You can walk into a thrift store and come out with a new plate ware set, the cutest pair of pants, and some DVD’s you forgot existed. The possibilities are endless. On the other hand, navigating the thrift store can be…difficult. Especially for people who are new to thrifting. Don’t let it intimidate you! Check out the video below and learn some extremely helpful tips to make you trips to the thrift store as efficient and worthwhile as possible.

A few of my favorite tips from this helpful video that I myself swear by:

#1 Clean Out Your Car: You have no idea if you’re going to stumble across your dream dining room table for an UNREAL price. You have to be prepared or you might miss out on a score.

#11 Start with Furniture: If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with dinnerware and furniture to get your confidence up before moving on to the big kid stuff. Like. Clothes.

#18: Google Brand Names: Sometimes you see a name on a jacket or table and KNOW that you know it. That’s what Google is for. Check out the name – it might be a bigger find than you think.

Mary Elizabeth has so many great tips and thrifting hacks in this video. Whether you’re new to the thrift store life or been doing it for years, you’ll find some nuggets of gold, I guarantee. Now, go pop some tags with pride!