31 Great Ways to Repurpose a Wedding Gown

Is your wedding dress taking up space in a box under your bed or in a bag in your closet? If you’re not going to wear that gown again, it seems like an awful waste of space if you don’t find some other purpose for it. Whether you’re very sentimental or not at all, the Go Frugal Blog has come up with some great recycling ideas for you. Take a look:

  1. Cocktail Dress: if you bought a gown that can be shortened and worn again, try creating the white version of the ever-popular Little White Dress.
  2. Donate to a Local Theater Company: weddings are popular in musicals and plays, but wedding dresses are not easy or cheap for poor theater companies to afford. Make your local theater company’s day by donating your used gown to them.
  3. Donate to Charity: make a difference with your gown by passing it on to less fortunate women. Check out the following charities:
  4. Holiday Ornaments: use lace, beads and cloth to cover Styrofoam balls and make ornaments. You can make them for friends and family and keep one for yourself as a keepsake.
  5. Quilt: cut squares out of the skirt and underskirt and combine with other memorable clothing to create an heirloom quilt that can be passed down.
  6. Sell to a Second-Hand Shop: you certainly won’t recoup the full cost of the gown, but you’ll at least get something for your dress.
  7. Scrapbooking: use material from the gown as a cover for a wedding scrapbook. You could also decorate the pages inside of the book with parts of your dress.

Check out more ideas over at the Go Frugal Blog’s 31 Ways To Repurpose Your Wedding Gown.