30 Uses for Vinegar, An Eco-friendly, Do-it-All Beauty & House Solution

25% vinegar
75% water

Store in a large gallon size container and fill a large spray bottle. I keep one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.

Vinegar smell goes away after 5 minutes
even on skin and hair.

This is the cheapest do it all product and even better using it for everything will reduce clutter in your cabinet. It is non-toxic and safer to keep around small children.

Vinegar can kill many of the same bacteria, virus’s and fungus as bleach but has not been researched as rigorously.


Use unfiltered raw Apple cider vinegar for Cosmetic & internal uses. Available in most health food stores

Plain white vinegar is better for most household applications but is also safe for cosmetic & Internal use.

Household Uses

* use as a glass cleaner
* disinfect cutting boards after washing
* disinfect counters
* toilet bowl & bathroom surfaces
* spray on flip flops
* clean floors
* wash dishes if you run out of dish soap
* spot treat stains 5 min before washing clothes
* polish brass, bronze & Chrome
* clean a coffee pot
* degreaser
* cleans urine stains/smells from pets
* weed/grass killer – use pure vinegar and keep spraying every 2 days until it is dead
* boil small amount in a pot to get rid of household odors and fishy smells vinegar smell will go away and take the odors with it
* spray on hands after gardening it will neutralize the lime from the soils that causes dryness
* Fishbowl cleaner
* Ant repellent- Spray on counters and areas where there is ant traffic
* spray on hands after cutting onions & garlic
* Mold killer – spray after taking a shower

Beauty & personal uses

* spray under arms for natural deodorant
* use as hair rinse
* Spray on smelly feet
* Use as facial astringent
* Spray after shaving legs and sensitive areas to prevent irritation caused by bacteria
* Mosquito/bug repellent- spray all over body even hair. mosquitos hate the bitter taste and the smell goes away in 5 min.
* After Sun Spray- great for sunburns

Medical Uses

* Spray on Baby Bum’s to avoid heat rash and bacterial infections
* Athletes foot spray – let dry before putting on shoes
* Use on an irritated scalp helps with dandruff, candida and bacterial scalp problems
* Elderly- some elderly cannot control their bladders or take full showers on a regular basis this can help prevent bacterial infections if used on a washcloth or as a spray. Can be used all over the body.