There Are 3 Pigs In This Puzzle That Don’t Have Hats. Can You Find Them?

Gergely Dudas - Dudolf

Hidden picture puzzles are a fun way to pass the time. They are often just the right amount of challenging to make the puzzle fun but not so challenging that it’s unsolvable.

We’ve shared quite a few hidden picture puzzles, and many of them are by artist Gergely Dudás, who also goes by Dudolf. Most of these puzzles involve finding an object that doesn’t belong, such as a mug of hot chocolate in a picture that is filled with penguins or an acorn hidden among a picture of leaves.

While finding one hidden object can be challenging, finding multiple hidden objects can be even more challenging. For example, try finding not one, not two, but three apples hidden among red birds. It’s not easy.

Ready for a new challenge? Today we present another fun yet challenging hidden picture puzzle created by Dudás. This puzzle involves finding three objects that aren’t like the other objects.

In this picture, we see a lot of happy looking pigs. They’re wearing hats, and they look like they’re ready to party; however, there’s a problem. Three of the pigs forgot to put on their party hats. It’s your job to find them.

Try not to get distracted by the objects some of the pigs are holding. Also, don’t be distracted by the fact that some of the pigs are wearing party hats that are the same color as the pigs. At first, it might look like those pigs aren’t wearing party hats, but they are. Keep looking.

Look at the picture below and see if you can find the three pigs that aren’t wearing hats.


How long did it take you to find the three pigs that aren’t wearing hats? Were you able to find all three?

If you’re not sure if you found all three pigs and you’d like to see the answer, you can find the solution to the puzzle here. Make sure you’re done trying to solve the puzzle before looking at the solution though.

Did you get it right? If you did, congrats. If not, no worries. This was a tricky one.