One of These 3 Bra Tricks Will Work for You – No Matter Your Size

Every girl needs a little help now and again. Sometimes we just need someone to have our back, someone to give us a little much-needed support. We’re talking, of course, about woman’s real best friend: the bra. But, let’s face it, even the best of friends don’t see eye-to-eye on occasion, and that’s definitely true for your bra. As much as we love and need them, bras can oftentimes be less like woman’s best friend and more like woman’s worst nightmare.

Is there anything worse than a too-tight bra painfully cutting off your circulation? Or the embarrassing moment when you have to tug up your strapless bra in the middle of a conversation?

For all the great things bras give us, grievances like these are all too real.

While there are some really great bra hacks out there to counteract these bra faux pas, we can’t help but wonder what we’re all probably thinking: do these hacks actually work? And do they work for everyone? Women come in all different shapes and sizes, which means that not every bra hack is going to work for every body type.

Thankfully, the bra pioneers at Refinery29 put a few favorite bra tricks to the test with three different women. All three women had different bra sizes and, therefore, different bra problems. But no matter their size, everyone walked away with a bra hack that made their life easier!

The Safety Pin Lift

This basic household item can do so much – but did you know this little pin has the ability to give your chest a boost? By pinning together your straps so they’re in a “V” shape on your back, you can give your boobs an instantly flattering lift!

Smaller Size

For smaller cup sizes, this trick definitely gives little “omph,” but it doesn’t quite give you the cleavage you may be desiring. Despite that, this is still a great tip for women with smaller chests; it gives you a little lift you’ll love.

Medium Size

For medium sized breasts, this trick is everything. Your boobs are already bordering a larger cup size, so this safety pin hack really takes your breasts to the next level. You’ll get amazing cleavage and shape, with no expensive push-up bra required.

Larger Size

If you’re already well-endowed, this trick is a little…unnecessary. You can probably look down right now and see why. This trick will work well for you, you’ll get that little extra lift – but let’s be honest, you’ve already got that va-va-voom, girl!

The Strapless Support

The bane of many a formal occasion: the strapless bra. You don’t have to sacrifice that polished, strapless look for the sturdy straps you need, and you don’t have to get that look with the punishment of constant adjusting either! Take one of your straps (which you’re obviously not using) and wrap it around under your bra, hooking it around the back. This will give you the extra support you crave while keeping you strap-free.

Smaller Size

This is a great tip for smaller breasts! Strapless bras tend to slip down on you more often, causing that awkward tugging we all hate. This extra little boost keeps you firmly locked in place so you can enjoy your night in comfort and style.

Medium Size

For slightly larger boobs, this is not a great tip. Your bra may be dangerously close to falling down with this wrapped-around strap, only worsening the problem at hand. This trick will greatly depends on how fitted your strapless is and the size of your chest, however.

Larger Size

A big “no” on this one for bigger boobs! With the size of your breasts, a well-fitted strapless is all you really need to keep the girls in place. This hack doesn’t do much except make you more likely to accidentally slip out – and we definitely do not want that.

The Cushioned Pads

Tight bra straps on your shoulders often mean an uncomfortable day ahead. But when you need those tight straps for flattering support, what can you do? You can use these cushioned sticky pads! These pads wrap around your straps where they hurt most and give you some much-needed relief while still offering support.

Smaller Size

While this hack might not be UNCOMFORTABLE exactly, it’s not going to help you too much. Tight straps are probably not a daily struggle with your bra, and although these pads might be useful for that unusual day, they’re only going to add bulk under your shirt. Skip the sticky pads for daily use.

Medium Size

Like someone with smaller breasts, this hack might be helpful once and while (say, for that extra tight bra you’re forced to wear on laundry day), but more often than not, it’s just going to add unnecessary bulk to your top.

Larger Size

Can we get a resounding “YES!” for this hack, please? For larger breasts, this trick is all you’ll ever need! Bigger boobs often required tighter (and more painful) bra straps, so this simple little hack is a lifesaver for your shoulders. Run out and get these sticky pads immediately.


There you have it! Three bra tricks tried and tested by three different women.

Naturally, your chest is completely unique of these three people, so you might have to make some adjustments to these tricks to give you the most comfort and functionality. But this is a great start! Now you have an idea of what tricks might work in your favor and which you should avoid.

Thanks to Refinery29 for this great video!

What do you think of these bra hacks? Would you offer any tips for making your relationship with your bra better? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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