Latest Puzzle Has Us Looking for 3 Apples Within the Bird Houses

Raise your hand if you love a good optical illusion or hidden-object puzzle! If so, you’re probably a huge fan of Gergely Dudás, aka “Dudolf.  He’s a famous children’s book illustrator most famous for his seek-and-find picture games, and let us tell you: He’s stumped us quite a bit with his puzzles over the years.

For example, try finding the mouse among the squirrels in this picture. There are tons of orange and brown cats scattered all over the picture with just one measly bunny hiding among them. Because he ensures that the bunny blends into the photo so well, he’s super hard to spot. Sure, it can take all day, but it’s one of those brain twisters that you just can’t help but commit to. Once you find him, you can’t unsee him!

That’s just one of his puzzles. He has so many different kinds, all so creative, too. Puzzles range from everything from trying to find the baby chick among the ducklings to finding an acorn among colorful leaves. He also creates other types of puzzles, like spotting the differences between two photos. Each photo might look the same at first glance, but after taking a closer look, there are a few subtle differences.

So what’s the latest? Dudlof has yet another new puzzle, and this may be one of his most challenging yet! He’s asking us to find three apples that he hid among various birds in their bird houses. What’s so hard about that, you ask? Well, all the birds are red in color with round heads—in fact, they kind of look like apples when you first take a look!

There are birds inside their bird houses, on top of their houses, even some birds cuddled up with other birds (perhaps…love birds?). Each house is more colorful than the next—pinks, greens, yellows, oranges and more. What are we looking for again? Oh right, apples!

Take a look at the photo below to see if you can spot the 3 apples.

Well, did you find them? Don’t worry, if you give up, Dudlof always provides a “solution” to his puzzles. When you’re ready to throw in the towel, you can click here to discover where the apples are hidden.

Well, did you find them? Maybe you found just one or two but couldn’t find the last one? Or did you have to click the solution button? Tell us what your favorite Dudlof puzzle is to date!