Here are 27 Ways to Shake Up the Way You Wear Your Scarf!

Let’s be real, fall and winter are not necessarily the seasons most loved by fashionistas. Heavy coats and snow-soaked boots rarely feel inspiring, especially when the weather outside is so dark and bleak! Luckily, scarves are a great way to dress up or add a pop of color to any outfit. Here are 27 WAYS (so many, we know!) that will help break you out of those winter doldrums.

GreaterGood is a lifestyle vlog that certainly lives up to its name! We’ve got to tell you, they have really compiled an ingenious list that features practically every possible way to wear this beloved accessory.

Since there are so many different styles featured in this video, we are just going to go ahead and feature some of the more unexpected ones. These tricks will be sure to get you excited for the colder weather to come! Try these ones first—we know you’ll love them.

  1. The Bow Tie

    The bow tie is absolutely adorable! It reminds us of a retro look straight out of the ‘60s. All you need to do to create this look is drape the scarf around your shoulder so that the ends fall evenly on both sides. Tie the scarf into one secure knot, then make a bow like you are tying a shoelace. Adjust the loops to whatever best compliments your outfit.

  2. The Side Pony

    Do you love to take fashion risks? If so, then this style just might be for you! You’ll start off by wrapping the scarf around your head so that its ends are facing out behind you. Then, tie a knot and wrap the remainder of the fabric to the side of your head. Secure one more knot and let the material fall. What a cute look!

  3. The Knot Tie

    This particular scarf tie is great if you are looking for something a bit more understated. Drape the scarf around your neck, so that most of it falls on your left side. Then, wrap it all the way around you twice before tucking the remaining material around the initial loop. Repeat until all loose fabric is entwined snugly.

  4. The Shrug

    We love this style for an unexpectedly frigid day. Simply drape the scarf around your shoulders, making sure that the fabric is lying flat. Next, with your hands behind your back, tie the end pieces, securing them into a knot until the shrug forms securely to your shoulders.

If you’re hooked on these creative scarf hacks, we’ve got plenty of more helpful tips that will keep you styling into the winter.

Watch GreaterGood’s video below to see all 27 of these super inventive scarf styles. We promise, you won’t look at that pashmina in your closet the same way again!

What do you think of these scarf styling tips? Do you have any unique ways that you like to wear your scarf? If so, how do you do it? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!