22-Year-Old Woman Who Attacked a Black Teenager Over Phone Dispute Has Been Arrested

When Grammy-winning jazz musician Keyon Harrold and his 14-year-old son Keyon Harrold Jr. walked towards the exit of the Arlo hotel in the Soho area of New York City, they had no idea a woman, a complete stranger, would try to stop them. Not only did she try to stop them, but she falsely accused the black teenager of stealing her iPhone. When he wouldn’t give her the phone, she attacked him, as can be seen in surveillance footage from the hotel as well as in the video Harrold took of his son during the attack.

After the incident, the young woman discovered that she had actually left her phone in an Uber. It was returned to her, but that was far from the end of the story. At the time, her name was not released, but we now know that she is 22-year-old Miya Ponsetto, and she lives in California.

After returning home, Ponsetto and her lawyer sat down for an interview with CBS This Morning’s Gayle King. In the interview, Ponsetto claimed that she was sorry and described herself as “sweet.” She didn’t admit that she attacked the teen, and she seemed to think that her age, being only 22 years old, and being alone in a city that was not her home somehow excused her behavior.

Just hours after the interview with King, Ponsetto was arrested at her home in California. Police spotted her car, but she refused to stop until she got home. They followed her, and when she refused to get out of the car, they removed her by force and arrested her. Watch the video below for more details about Ponsetto’s arrest and what might happen next.


How would you react if you thought someone might have stolen your phone? What do you think would be a fair punishment for Ponsetto’s actions?