21 of the Most Incredible Sculptures That Exist In the World


There are many different forms of art, but one of the most amazing types of art has to be sculpture. Sculptures can range in size from small to life-size or much larger than life. They can be made out of almost any material. They can be representations of people or animals, or they can represent something in the artist’s imagination.

Many towns and cities have sculptures on display. Some of them become famous and people travel from all over the world just to see the famous sculpture. Sometimes it’s a sculpture that’s been there for centuries. Other times, it’s a sculpture that is relatively new and modern. Either way, the art is worth seeing.

Thanks to photography and the internet, you don’t have to go globe-trotting in order to see some of the world’s most amazing sculptures. You can simply scroll through this list and enjoy; although, we’re sure many of these creations are even more impressive when you see them in person and truly take in their size and details that can only be appreciated close up.

  1. “Colossus” Sculpture in Florence, Italy

  2. “Tiny Dancer” Ballerina Fairy

  3. “The Force of Nature”

  4. “Diminish and Ascend” in Bondi, Australia

  5. “Sinking Library” in Melbourne, Australia

  6. “Popped Up” in Budapest

  7. “God of War” statue in China

  8. “Shoes on the Danube Promenade” a Holocaust Memorial

  9. Hippos at the Taipei Zoo

  10. “Les Voyageurs” in Marseilles, France

  11. “Ocean Atlas” in Nassau, Bahamas


  12. Sculpture of Nelson Mandela in South Africa

  13. “The Kelpies” in Scotland

  14. Salmon” Sculpture in Portland, Oregon

  15. Wire Mesh Sculpture in France

  16. “Metalmorphosis” Sculpture in Charlotte, North Carolina

  17. “The Shark” Sculpture in Oxford, England

  18. “Cattle Drive” Sculpture in Dallas, Texas

  19. “The Rising Tide” in London, England

  20. “People of the River” in Singapore

  21. “Star Seeder” in Kaunas, Lithuania