15 People Share What Their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions Were and How They Did Throughout the Year


This has been a year like no other, but a year ago, back in 2019 when we were writing down our new year’s resolutions, we had no idea what 2020 would have in store for us. We expected the year to go pretty much like previous years, you know, with stores open, and kids going to school in person.

Depending on what your new year’s resolutions were for 2020, they have been either especially hard or easy to keep. For example, if you made a resolution to spend more time with your family, you probably did great at that one. However, if you made a resolution to travel more in 2020, that probably didn’t go so well.

Other resolutions like losing weight and saving money may or may not have been easy to keep depending on how you deal with stress. For example, we know some people who dropped pants sizes this year and started running around their neighborhoods, but we also know other people who admit to having gained the quarantine 15.

Back in April 2020, Reddit user PrizeAerie4 asked, “We are nearly 1/3rd of the way into 2020, how is your New Year’s resolution holding up?”

At the time, the pandemic had already started, but we still had no idea that it was going to last this long. Read on to read some answers from Reddit users about how their resolutions were holding up after the world around them changed.

  1. That’s a Glass Half Full Way of Looking at It

    Reddit user unitythrufaith wrote:

    my goal was to save money and lose weight. losing my job made the first part near impossible but the second part surprisingly easy!

  2. Still Getting in Those Steps

    FlameFrenzy added:

    Still getting my 10k steps a day (on average, aka 70k a week). It’s a bit of a chore some days, but other days it’s fine.Trying to get my knee issues worked out so I can start running and get those steps in faster. And then when the world starts moving again, really hit the gym hard.

  3. Staying Positive

    probably-a-lunatic shared:

    Resolved to be more positive and to write down at least one thing I’m happy/grateful for each day.I can legitimately say it has made me a happier person, and I’m actively looking for the good, not the bad. Haven’t missed a day yet, and usually I write at least 3 examples. Definitely want to keep it up for the rest of the year, or hell, even the rest of my life.

  4. Maybe Next Year

    FlyingFox86 wrote:

    “Going out more” isn’t holding up well.

  5. Weight Loss

    ThePantherIsHere explained:

    Well, lost almost 20 pounds out of the 80 I want to lose, so it is going great :)

  6. Success

    BigDragoon added:

    I quit energy drinks. I spent so much money on them each day. I don’t feel as jittery or tense anymore which is really great.

  7. Staying Active

    Jayjayjune shared:

    Good, i have done 20 minutes of physical activity every day since 01/01… quite proud really.

  8. Not Eating Out

    forman98 wrote:

    I made a resolution to start bringing my lunch to work instead of eating out everyday. I have to say it’s going pretty well.

  9. Reading More

    butter_my_tits added:

    My savings definitely won’t hit the number I would have liked, but I have read 12 books so far this year!

  10. COVID-19 Was Positive Motivation

    NickTheBigGay shared:

    The coronavirus has actually given me some newfound motivation to workout and eat healthier

  11. Didn’t Work Out So Well

    H2psychosis shared:

    I made a New Year’s resolution to stop drinking alone. LITTLE DID I KNOW…

  12. Everything’s Canceled

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    My exams I was hoping to smash are cancelled, my plans to go abroad are cancelled, my plans to get a gym membership are cancelled, my birthday plans are cancelled, was hoping to get my first job over the summer too but guess what

  13. Reading and Shopping

    constant-stress shared:

    i made a resolution to only buy second-hand clothes to stop my unnecessary consumption and i’ve kept it! haven’t bought a thing and i’m proud of it!also wanted to read 32 books this year and so far i’ve read 18!

  14. Still Trying

    CockDaddyKaren explained:

    To go to the gym.Well, it was going wonderfully until mid-March. You know, when all the gyms closed? I’ve been doing exercises almost every day since, though. I force myself to do a few dozen pushups, situps, and pullups. It’s not amazing, but it’ll hopefully keep me in shape until gyms open again.

  15. Clearly a Joke and “Tiger King” Reference

    mattsffrd added:

    I vowed I would stay inside and learn about gay tiger meth cults, so it’s going pretty well.