Newlyweds Living in a 200 Square Foot Studio Get a Home Makeover Without Sacrificing Their King Bed

While tiny houses are certainly a trendy way to downside and minimize what you need, they’re not the only way that people are living small. One newlywed couple turned to the Rachael Ray Show for help with their tiny 200-square-foot apartment.

First of all, think about living in 200 square feet. We’ve stayed in many hotel rooms that are bigger than that. We’ve seen many tiny houses that are bigger than that. Our dorm room in college might have even been bigger than that. It’s not very much space at all.

You’d think that if you lived in a 200-square-foot studio apartment you might sleep on a double bed, a pull-out-couch or a Murphy bed to save room. Oh, no. This couple has a king size bed in their studio apartment. They also don’t have closet space which means that their clothes are basically everywhere.

Before the Rachael Ray Show came to help them out, the tiny space was basically filled with a big bed, a tiny kitchen on the wall, and clothes covering shelf space.

The crew removed everything from the apartment. Even though it was a super small space, it required a ton of work to transform it. They left no surface untouched. They changed the wall color, the curtains, the flooring, and even the light fixtures.

We thought they’d have to get rid of that king size bed, but oh no, the crew managed to create a space for the couple to entertain and even expand the kitchen area which keeping the king size bed and added his and her clothing storage areas. It sounds impossible doesn’t it?

The epic transformation and the tips about how to make a small space look bigger are helpful for anyone, no matter what size your home is. After watching this home makeover and looking around our own home, we feel like we could be utilizing space so much more efficiently.

Watch the video below to see what this tiny 200-square-foot apartment looks like after its extreme makeover.

We learned from this video that shears and a light paint color will make any room look and feel bigger. We also need to look into raising up our bed to create storage underneath.

What did you learn from this video? How big is your home? Are you going to use any of these tips to make your own home look and feel bigger?