Mom Blindsided After 2-Year-Old Orders 31 Cheeseburgers from Door Dash

Door Dash can be a convenient way to have food delivered to your home, but if you have the door dash app on your phone or really any app that allows you to order anything online, be sure to exercise caution if you let your kids play with your phone.

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden has a 2-year-old son named Barrett. She didn’t think anything of it when her young son was playing with her phone and pressing buttons. She simply thought he was taking pictures. No big deal.

If you’re a parent, you probably know that letting your child play with your phone for a few minutes can be very entertaining for them. They might like playing a game on an app, watching a video, or as Golden thought her son was doing, taking pictures. These are all fairly harmless activities, but none of those things are what Barrett was actually doing.

A little while later, someone from Door Dash showed up at Golden’s door. This Dasher was holding a large bag from McDonald’s.

Golden was surprised. She hadn’t placed a Door Dash order, but the order was clearly for her. That’s when she realized that her son was the one who had placed the order. He wasn’t taking pictures on her phone. He was actually ordering cheeseburgers from McDonald’s.

Golden counted the cheeseburgers, and there were 31 in total. The bill for all of the burgers came to over $90, and that included a $16 tip that Barrett had generously added to the bill.

Knowing there was no way her 2-year-old was going to eat all of these cheeseburgers, Golden posted about the cheeseburgers in a local community group online and gave some of them away. Barrett only ended up eating half of one cheeseburger.

Golden seems amused by her son’s order, but she learned to keep a closer eye on her son when he’s playing with her phone. Next time she won’t assume he’s taking pictures. If he’s going to order something from Door Dash, he could at least ask him mom what she would like to eat.

When Golden shared the news of the cheeseburger order on Facebook, some of her Facebook friends shared stories of times their own children had placed orders online while playing with their parents’ phone. In one instance, a child ordered 3 iPhones from Amazon. It seems that Golden was lucky this order was less than $100.

Do you let your young children play with your phone? Have your children ever accidentally ordered something online? What would you do if you unexpectedly ended up with 31 cheeseburgers? Would you eat them? Freeze them? Give them away? Have a cheeseburger party? Something else?