19-Year-Old Turns Down Date Request from Man in His 40’s and People Are Torn About Her Response

@avreyovard via TikTok

Age is just a number, right? Not for Avrey Ovard, a 19-year-old who got hit on at the gym by a man in his 40s.

Avrey was filming a fitness video for her YouTube channel when a man approached her asking if she was filming. She told him she was. After telling her he thought that was cool, he then walked away into another part of the gym, but when he showed up again, that’s when things started to get real.

Even though Avrey appears to be much younger than the man (though in the video we can only see his legs and hear his voice—but he definitely sounds much older!), the man still tells her that he’d like to take her out sometime.

He began by talking about his time in physical therapy after he experienced a tear, and Avrey clearly could care less. In an attempt to show her disinterest, she begins looking at her phone, motioning that she no longer wants him to talk to her.

However, the man continues to talk about his tear before telling her that when he’s better, he’d like her number so that he can take her out sometime. He even tries to hand her his phone so that she can enter her number.

In total disbelief, Avrey tells the man that she thinks she’s too young for him.

“Oh yeah?” he says.

“Yeah, she answered.”

His response?” “Well, I’m too rich,” before walking away.

Her face at the end is priceless.

No harm done, right? Well, after posting the video of the awkward encounter to Facebook , people are torn on how she handled it.

Some people think her response was too harsh. “She didn’t need to be rude to him,” someone wrote.

Others think she was totally reasonable—polite, even. “I like the way you said I’m too young instead of I have a bf idk might steer him away from young people hopefully,” someone said.

Some people didn’t see an issue with the man approaching the Avrey at all. “I don’t see what is wrong here?” someone posted. “He was only being polite and walked away as soon as she said no?”

See for yourself how it all went down in Avrey’s TiKTok video below!

@avreyovardfor those who saw my YT vid lmao here’s this …. LEAVE WOMEN ALONE!!!! ##gym ##gymgirl ##PerfectMarcJacobs♬ original sound – ave

What do you think about how this encounter went down?