19 of the Most Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Do a Double Take


You don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to take an amazing picture. Sure, professional photographers have better equipment and know tricks of the trade, but sometimes the perfect photo is taken by accident.

Many amateur photographers have shared their favorite accidentally amazing photos that will seriously make you do a double or even triple take. These are not your average photos, and in many cases, if you tried to recreate the photo it would be nearly impossible without the help of Photoshop.

Scroll down for 19 examples of photos where perfect timing was the secret to an amazing photo.

  1. It’s a stadium, but the fog makes it look like a spaceship.

  2. Fun at work from r/pics

  3. Petting my demon hound. from r/confusing_perspective

  4. Lightning striking a rainbow, this moment caught on my Mom’s cell phone. from r/pics

  5. My wife just texted me this picture of our cat playing behind the TV from r/funny

  6. The shadow of two mailboxs makes a perfect up arrow from r/mildlyinteresting

  7. One of the Kayakers on my recent trip to Antarctica caught a penguin jumping into their group. from r/pics

  8. Didn’t notice the hair until much later. from r/pics

  9. I happened to catch this photo of a snowflake on my daughters eyelash last winter; it wasn’t there for long! (iPhone 4) from r/pics

  10. This perfectly timed photobomb from r/funny

  11. Walking back to the car and noticed that the bushes were perfectly spaced to look like my tires. I was a bit confused for a moment. from r/confusing_perspective

  12. These two people positioned their faces perfectly from r/nevertellmetheodds

  13. Friend took a photo of me swinging my shirt around and it looks like i tamed a crow to perch on my hand from r/mildlyinteresting

  14. Birdie-Bomb from r/PerfectTiming

  15. Halloween 1989. My sister is about to have a really bad day. from r/PerfectTiming

  16. Wanted to get a quick pic when this kind lightning bolt appeared and pointed me towards my destination from r/PerfectTiming

  17. The way Blue Angels align with roof top from r/oddlysatisfying

  18. When my buddy’s dog leaps over grates her body and legs disappear and it looks like a dog’s head is just floating down the street. from r/pics

  19. Office Perspective?! from r/funny