19 Times When Cat Photobombs Made Us Laugh Out Loud

Cat photobombing dog on pier.Pinterest via debhumm

For all you cat people out there, you know what makes felines so special…but dog people, not so much. Plenty of dog people in my life (and there are lots of them) pretty much write off cats as rude, selfish animals, that don’t have the loving energy dogs do.

Now, there’s some truth to that. Cats are nothing like dogs — they can be sassy and do their own thing, whereas dogs are all up in your business with jumps and kisses. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have fun with a feline!

Here are 19 hysterical photobombs of cats being hilarious jerks that might just change your mind about man’s OTHER best friend.

1. Just Creepin’ On In

An adorable outfit shot ruined by the creepiest kitty we’ve ever seen.

2. Someone Get This Baby a Doctor!

Honestly, babies with fuzzy tails? That sounds ADORABLE.

3. Aww, What a Cute Mirror — Oh…Oh, No

This cat is basically screaming, “HEY GUYS, CAN I GET IN HERE?!”

4. Cats Can Do Yoga, Too

This little-known position is called, “Fat Cat Trying to Stand.”

5. Girls’ Night!

He’s so obviously happy to be included.

6. The Perfectly Timed Photobomb

See, cats have the brains AND the agility to pull this off.

7. What a Beautiful Family You Have

She just wanted to get right up close and personal.

8. Walking the Line of Funny and Terrifying

We’re partially impressed and mostly frightened for our safety.

9. Cats HATE When Dogs are Getting More Attention…

“But…what about me?”

10. … Especially When Dogs are in Costume

Cats don’t care if you’re dressed up as a box of pizza, DOGS DO NOT GET THE ATTENTION.

11. Cats Can Get Overly Excited, Just Like Dogs!

But this usually happens, rather than jumping and licking.

12. This One…is Disorienting

Not conjoined twins, but definitely best friends.

13. Cats Can Be Less-Than-Subtle

This casual photobomb just got so extra.

14. “Oh, You’re Having a Moment?”

Cats care, that’s why they want to be involved in everything. All the time.

15. But Sometimes They Just Like to Troll

Other times, they just love ruining things.

16. They’re Great at Ominous, Horror-Type Gags

Let me in, let me in.

17. “He’s Making That Face, Isn’t He?”

Yes, cats can annoy other cats.

18. Cats Aren’t Always Graceful

They might fall on their feet, but they don’t do it gracefully.

19. This One Seems a Little More Sinister…

Photobomb? Or sneak attack waiting to happen? You never know with a cat!