Once Deemed ‘Uninhabitable’, This 1887 House Is Restored To Its Former Glory

Image of old houseTrulia

Studies show that 99.5% of people in the U.S. are addicted to watching HGTV. Okay, there’s actually no science behind that—we totally just made up that stat—but it does seem that way, doesn’t it?

How can you not want to constantly watch the shows on the HGTV channel? Whether it’s Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper, we’re especially suckers for a good before and after feature, where experts take a decrepit old house and fix it up to make it a beautiful, livable home.

So how about some real life HGTV for ya? In York, Pennsylvania, a once stunning five-bedroom, three-bathroom home built in 1887 was falling apart. With no one living in it for quite some time, it continued to disintegrate more and more.

But even through its crumbling shingles on the outside to its fading, dust-covered details on the inside, anyone could still tell that this Queen Anne Victorian style was something special. It once dazzled with its delicate brick detailing, contrasting trims, large porches, and beautiful decorative details.

But at this point, it was questionable whether the home was at a point of no return. That is, until a few restorers came along and took a gander at the house, that was once deemed “uninhabitable.” They saw the potential in the home and decided to take a leap of faith and purchase it and fix it up.

We’re serious when we saw you will not believe the stunning transformation this home overcame. Talk about a truly stunning before and after!

Now? The once decaying exterior shine shades of olive green, terra cotta red, and gold, which are the epitome of warm and inviting. On the inside, say goodbye to the old, dusty grounds—grounds that have turned to luxury you wouldn’t believe.

The floors of the home contain five different types of wood and the windows amaze with stained glass panels. As you walk through each room, all of them have more details and accessories than the next, creating a sense of true timeless charm and coziness.

It’s so cozy, in fact, that the home is currently being rented out as the Lady Linden Bed and Breakfast. Each suite has private bathrooms, and are furnished with feather beds, robes and hairdryers (charm with modern conveniences!). The home also contains a sun room that you can use as a workspace and a cool little hideout in the finished attic, for rainy day activities with the kids.

When you book your room, you also get a delicious four-course breakfast served each morning with fresh juices and fruit, breakfast sundaes, a cooked course and homemade baked goods.

Everything it offers truly makes it the perfect option for a couple or family looking for a little weekend getaway, from spring through fall and summer. With a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, you can book your stay at this bed and breakfast with no hesitation.

How beautiful is this restored 1887 home? Can you believe it’s the same house? Would you ever want to spend a night or two here?