17 Bathroom Designs That Still Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Awkward Family Photos

Everyone has his or her own personal style when it comes to decorating, but there are usually a few things that are consistent. For example, the dining room table goes in the dining room, the bed goes in the bedroom, the refrigerator goes in the kitchen…you get the point.

What about the bathroom? You would think this would be fairly straightforward too. There are certain things we’ve come to expect like a toilet, sink and perhaps a shower or bathtub. Usually the flooring is tile, and there’s often tile on the walls too. You know, easy to clean surfaces and surfaces that can handle getting wet. Privacy – that’s another thing we’ve come to expect from bathrooms.

Not all bathrooms are what you’d expect. In fact, we’ve seen some pretty bizarre setups. We’re not sure what was going through the minds of the people who designed these 17 bathrooms, but their decision-making skills are certainly questionable. It’s amusing to look at the pictures, but we don’t have any plans to use any of these bathrooms any time soon.

  1. Stairs to the Throne

    This looks like a pretty precarious way to get to the toilet. We’d hate to have to climb these stairs in the middle of the night.

  2. Aquarium Bathroom

    That’s not wallpaper. That’s a real aquarium.

  3. Toilet Paper Everywhere

    This is a little overwhelming.

  4. No Privacy

    Talk about zero privacy. This really isn’t a bathroom; it’s an everything room. I think I’d want to at least put up a curtain.

  5. Teeny Tiny Toilet

    This reminds me of the movie Elf. Either this man is really tall, or this toilet is ridiculously small.

  6. Carpeted Bathtub

    I’ve never understood carpet in a bathroom. Tile is so much more practical around water. This, this is even more confusing.

  7. Why Even Have Doors?

    Sure, there are doors, but they’re not doing their job. Couldn’t they be, you know, lower?

  8. Extra Chairs

    Who are the chairs for? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think most people don’t want an audience when they’re in the bathroom.

  9. The Illusion of No Privacy


    Sure, we know, nobody can see into the bathroom, but we’ve never considered people-watching in the bathroom. Hmm.

  10. Too Many Faucets

    We thought toilet paper everywhere was overwhelming, but this is worse. Which one controls the hot water?

  11. The Out-of-Place Toilet

    Not only is this toilet open to the kitchen, but it’s also right next to a window. We’re missing some walls and curtains.

  12. Hope You Don’t Have a Fear of Heights

    I’m getting a little woozy just looking at this picture.

  13. Bad Placement

    We’re not sure how you’re expected to actually be able to sit on this toilet.

  14. Armchair Toilet

    This must have been a DIY job. We think this idea is better in concept than execution.

  15. Fishbowl

    We might actually prefer the aquarium walls to the fishbowl toilet tank.

  16. Misplaced Toilet Paper

    We know we complained about having too much toilet paper, but at least it was easy to reach. This requires planning ahead.

  17. Tiny Sink

    Maybe there’s a point in having a sink that’s too small to actually use, but we’re not sure what it is.

What’s the most bizarre bathroom you’ve ever seen?