17 Requests About Food That Were Taken Very Literally


Some restaurants are very good about accommodating special requests. For example, if you want a hamburger without mustard or pickles, that’s usually not a problem. If you would like to substitute mashed potatoes for french fries, that’s probably not a problem either. Yet, sometimes, the staff at restaurants take requests too literally.

Is it revenge? Are they having a bad day and taking it out on their customers? Did they really not understand the intention of the customer’s request? The answer is yes. It depends on the situation, but it often doesn’t end well for the customer.

In other instances, taking a request literally actually turns out to be surprisingly delightful for customers, like if you ask for extra cheese, truly love cheese, and end up with way too much cheese. Mmmm. Cheese.

Perhaps you’re thinking of a nightmare situation when you made a special request for an order at a restaurant or bakery and ended up with something completely different than what you expected. Perhaps you’re thinking of a time when you made a special request and were delighted when the restaurant actually took you seriously. Either way, you’re not alone. Scroll down to see 17 examples of food orders that were taken way too literally.