17 Photos That Show How Intense This Extreme Heatwave Has Been This Week in the US And Canada

@SFGate, @MollyBloom10 via Twitter

It has been quite a year for extreme whether. First, Texas residents who almost never see snow had icicles hanging from their ceiling. Now, the Pacific Northwest is experiencing an intense heatwave that is just as unusual.

While some southern states are used to summer temperatures that exceed 100F, many residents in Oregon, Washington and Canada don’t even have air conditioning. They are used to much cooler summer temps like around 70F.

Lytton, BC, recently experienced a high temperature of 116F, which is the highest temperature ever recorded in that city since temperatures were recorded. Meanwhile, cities in Oregon experienced temperatures as high as 115F.

If you’re thinking a little heat is no big deal, wait until you see the effects this extreme heat has been having. Scroll down to see 17 photos that show just how damaging and intense this heatwave really is.

  1. Before and after of my hydrangeas in the Portland heat wave. Goodnight, sweet prince