17 People Who Dramatically Changed Their Looks Over Time

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The “age of the Internet” has brought with it some pretty special things–the ability to connect with people who live in countries you had never previously heard of, the chance to work from your home in your pajamas, and, of course, memes galore. That said, the Internet has also given us plenty of super annoying things, too, namely in the form of obnoxious, often indecipherable new terms, like “slacktivism,” “egosurf,” and, our personal favorite, “cyberchondriac.”

Of course, we don’t think ALL of the new words are obnoxious. In fact, we really dig “glow up,” a term that, according to Urban Dictionary, translates to “an incredible transformation.” All over the Internet, folks regularly post pictures of their own “glow ups,” and we’d be lying if we claimed that we didn’t love them. Here are 17 of the most incredible dramatic changes we could find…

  1. The “Schoolgirl to Supermodel”

    This stunner may have started out mousy, but now she’s definitely as glamorous as it gets!

  2. The “Buzzcut to…”

    Yeah, we don’t know the name of his new hairstyle either. Whatever it is though, the guy’s certainly rocking it!

  3. The “Headband Cutie to the *Definite* Model”

    We love both looks!

  4. The “Long-Haired Babe to the Hairdressers’ Dream Come True”

    It’s not often that a hair transformation is THIS striking. Talk about a successful trip to the salon!

  5. The “Curvy Girl to Fitness Model”

    We wish we knew her secret!

  6. The “Girl Next Door to Goregous Vixen”

    Yep, this is the SAME gal after a haircut and makeover.

  7. The “Makeover-a-holic”

    Believe it or not, all of these photos were taken within just a few years of one another. We wish we were brave enough to change up our looks this often!

  8. The “Grunge to Glam Goddess”

    Crimson lips and cat-eyed frames suit her well!

  9. The “Full Overhaul”

    It’s the same guy! We think…

  10. The “Band Geek to Bodybuilder”

    He traded in his bass for a set of barbells!

  11. The “Party Boy to Healthy Man”

    This guy attributes sobriety to his healthy new look!

  12. The “Young and in Love to Sophisticated–and Still in Love!”

    These guys have updated their styles, but still look great!

  13. The “Scrawny to Strong”

    This guy certainly has been lifting things heavier than balloons lately!

  14. The “Blonde to Brunette”

    Wow! What a change some hair color can make!

  15. The “Rocker Chick to Lovely Lady”

    It’s amazing what 19 years can do!

  16. The “Weight Loss Inspiration”

    What we love most about this transformation is that these two are still together!

  17. The “Classic Glow Up”

    A stunning makeover, indeed!

We’d love to hear your take on these changes in looks! Which one is the most shocking? Are you a fan of any of the ‘befores’? Do you have any similar pictures of yourself that you would like to share?