17 of the Most Ridiculous and Hilarious Maps in Existence

Terrible Maps via Facebook

A map can help you get from point A to point B. We use maps on our phone all the time when we’re driving somewhere new. We use Google maps to see parts of the world we haven’t been to before and to get familiar with places we plan to visit.

You might even remember paper maps. We have memories of our parents pulling out an atlas when we were on a family road trip. We also remember learning about maps in school.

It’s helpful to understand how to read a map. They can be helpful, sure, but they can also change the way we see the world.

While many maps are pretty basic and dare we say boring, some maps are actually pretty funny. There are people who have created pretty ridiculous maps. Sure, they’re helpful and serve a purpose. They help us see the world in a different way, but they also make us laugh. Scroll down to see some examples of the most ridiculous maps ever created.