17 People Share Their Opinions About the Celebrities They Don’t Think Deserved To Be Canceled

You know the threat “you’ll never work in this town again”? Sometimes that threat comes true, but when you’re a celebrity, it can translate to you’ll never work in this career field again.

We’ve seen multiple celebrities get canceled over the years for things that said or did. In some cases, maybe they deserved it. In other cases, maybe they didn’t.

One Reddit user asked, “Which celebrity got cancelled and you genuinely felt bad for them?” Many other Reddit users weighed in with their options sharing not only which celebrities they don’t think should have gotten canceled but also adding why they felt bad for these celebrities. Scroll down to see if you agree with their opinions.

  1. Amanda Bynes

    Reddit user Awkward_Apricot312 wrote:

    Amanda bynes. From what I’ve seen she was abused by Dan schneider at Nickelodeon studios for YEARS and a lot like britney is currently under conservatorship because of a total mental mental break.

  2. Brendan Fraser

    hypetoyz added:

    Brendan Fraser, the man was groped by Hollywood exec Philip Berk and spoke out about it long before #metoo. They instantly cancelled him and we never got to see him again till only recently… His mom also passed away shortly after he got sexually assaulted.

  3. Corey Feldman

    gemin_eye0614 shared:

    Corey Feldman. He was the first who told everyone what was really going on with child actors in Hollywood and no one listened. Barbara Walters yelled at him for exposing it

  4. Shelley Duvall

    Another Reddit user explained:

    Can I add Shelley Duvall to the list? Was in a string of great Robert Altman films in the 1970s, and did her own string of Cable shows in the 1980s, Shelley Duvall’s Faere Tale Theatre, Tall Tales and Legends, and Bedtime stories. Also, she did a few musical albums, and even created some computer games in the 1990s, like A Bird’s Life and A Dog’s life. There is WAY more to her then Wendy Torrane in the Shining. Now, she is completly forgotten, eccept when people call her crazy or something. She deserves WAY better in my opinion.

  5. David Arquette

    paintthatface answered:

    David Arquette. There’s a really good documentary called “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” about what happened and how he is now.

  6. Hayden Christenson

    TheMadPoet wrote:

    Hayden Christenson did nothing wrong. No actor should be maligned for decisions made by the writers and director.

  7. Britney Spears

    Another Reddit user shared:

    britney spears…… she didn’t even get “cancelled”, she just had her reputation smeared all over primetime tv and THEN the courts decide that her reaction to being systematically erased from relevance was “crazy”

  8. Ashley Judd

    call-me-mama-t added:

    Ashley Judd. Harvey Weinstein blacklisted her for years. She’s an incredible actress IMO.

  9. Ingrid Berman

    HarrietsDiary shared:

    Ingrid Berman was unhappily married to a doctor, Peter Lindstrom, with whom she had one child, Pia. In the late 1940s she had an affair with Italian director Roberto Rossellini. When news of the affair broke she lost all her contracts, her husband took her daughter, and the scandal was so intense US senators gave speeches condemning her on the Senate floor.Because of the fallout she wasn’t allowed to see her daughter Pia for seven years, and didn’t make a Hollywood movie for seven years as well (She returned in Anastasia).

  10. Laura Dern

    antmars explained:

    Kind of a unique case but: Laura Dern.When Laura Dern played Ellen’s girlfriend on the episode where she came out, she was blacklisted by the industry for nearly a decade. And some people would harass her to the point she needed protection in public. She says her manager warned her she wouldn’t get roles if she agreed to take the part on Ellen but did so anyways. She went from Jurassic Park and being in demand to nobody giving her a call. Obviously she’s recovered but we lost a decade of great Laura Dern performances because of studios perception that she was cancelled by public opinion for playing a gay role.

  11. Paul Reubens

    mahouyousei wrote:

    Paul Reubens aka PeeWee Herman. He had a reputation of being kind of a stuck up asshole when the PeeWee character shot to fame, but not really any better or worse than other famous folks. He got “cancelled” because he was arrested for public indecency. He was caught masturbating in an adult theater. Aside from the undercover cop who caught him, he was alone, and it was a normal adult pornography film. But the industry and media acted like he’d been caught with child porn or had raped someone. He’s made a bit of a comeback recently though. I think people finally realized that in the grand scheme of “sex crimes”, jerking it by yourself in a porn theater is nothing at all. I saw his PeeWee revival on Broadway several years ago and enjoyed it, and I’ve seen him on a lot of the celebrity game shows on TV recently.

  12. Winona Ryder

    nothankyou3000 answered:

    I was just talking to someone about how insane it was the she got cancelled for being caught stealing. Yes it’s a a crime, and she should have received some kind of disciplinary action, but I think she was in a dark place mentally. I also feel like as far as crime or bad behaviour goes, it wasn’t like she was smashing hotel rooms or assaulting people or anything like that. I just always felt like they saw a mentally ill and fragile woman in Hollywood and wanted us all to think it was vile for some reason.

  13. The Dixie Chicks

    caninehere added:

    The Dixie Chicks might still have fans but they absolutely got canceled. They were the top country artists at the time and they had all of their songs pulled from airplay overnight (in addition to all the hate and death threats).

  14. Janet Jackson

    BlackIsTheSoul wrote:

    Janet Jackson after Nipplegate was a travesty in how she was treated like a pariah afterwards.

  15. Lindsay Lohan

    Not too sure cancelled is the right word for them but Lindsay Lohan. Phenomenal actress and started at a young age. Had really messed up parents, no guidance from anyone and too much money.

  16. Megan Fox

    ghost2106 explained:

    Megan Fox. She called out Michael Bay on his sexist shit that’s clear in all his movies but what really got her “canceled” (more so blacklisted than anything) was she called him a Nazi. I don’t know the full quote but look it up, interesting and kinda funny that she really called him a Nazi

  17. Ahmed Best

    Pepe_CO wrote:

    Ahmed Best played JarJar Binks and nearly killed himself over how hated the character was