16 People Reveal Inside Secrets About the Companies They’ve Worked For


Have you ever gotten hired for a job, and once you started the job you were surprised by some of the things you or other employees were asked to do? Perhaps you were concerned that some of the things the company was doing weren’t ethical, or perhaps it was something that simply wasn’t common knowledge amongst the public.

Not all inside secrets are bad, but many are quite unappealing. Often employees know that if they told the general public what they saw and heard while they were at work they might get in a lot of trouble or even fired. That’s why many people choose not to reveal secrets until they no longer work for that company.

On Twitter, former employees were asked to reveal “company secrets” about companies where they used to work. Many people stepped forward to reveal surprising and sometimes disturbing information.

It’s important to note that while some of these former employees call out big chains and corporations, it’s probably safe to say that not every location is up to the same standards. For example, just because one location had some sketchy practices, it doesn’t mean that the location closest to you operates the same way.

Scroll down to discover inside secrets shared by 16 people about companies where they used to work.

  1. AMC

  2. Best Buy

  3. Call Centers

  4. The Show “House Hunters”

  5. Panda Express and Chipotle

  6. McDonald’s

  7. Bath & Body Works

  8. IKEA

  9. Marriott

  10. Costco

  11. SeaWorld

  12. Home Depot

  13. Spectrum

  14. TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods

  15. Radisson

  16. Target and Walmart