15 Times Husbands Failed So Hard, We Don’t Even Know What to Say

Featured image for husband fails.Wendy Rollins via Twitter

Who says a marriage can’t be tested by hilarious spousal fails? We are not talking about anything serious like infidelity or criminal offenses here, but we are referring to those screw-ups that make your partner look like a complete fool.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh, but in the midst of the gut-busting, you have to do as these wives did and snap a picture. The husband fails shared below are a but a slice of how things can go wrong without proper oversight, training, or common sense.

Not to insult the wonderful men that stand side-by-side with their better halves every day, but we welcome the funny (and often epic) ways these guys have missed the mark. And yes, wives are guilty of this too but this one is about hubbies who goofed up.

  1. Laundry Helper

    Here’s what happened when hubby “helped out” with the laundry. Hmm. . .did he do it on purpose to get out of future laundry duties?

  2. Time Saver

    This husband wanted to take a shortcut and dry his shirt in the microwave instead of the dryer. How’s that workin’ out for ya?

  3. Pad Run

    While it was sweet of him to grant her request to grab maxi pads at the store, this is what he came home with.

  4. Dressing Baby

    Poor baby is mortified by her dad’s fashion sense.

  5. Potato – Po-Taaa-Tooo

  6. What happens when he takes the kids shopping. . .

    Where will she go in this outfit?

  7. He only had one job. . .

    And that was to buy a card for a baby shower.

  8. The task?

    To wrap this shirt up as a Christmas gift. Sigh. . .

  9. Baking Aficionado

    This husband used a cooling rack and we’re sure he won’t be allowed to bake for a while.

  10. Grocery Shopping

    This woman discovered what her husband bought on SALE at the grocery store, and only because it was a sale.

  11. Sometimes you’ve got to do things yourself or. . .

    “Husband’s fail at making cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches for our 2 year old’s class.” A literal interpretation of the sandwich.

  12. Bad Hair Day

    Because this little girl wanted her hair in a bun and dad took care of it.

  13. We get it.

    But we wonder if he even tried before leaving this note.

  14. Asked 6′ 4 hubby to install a mirror. . .

    Which he did for his 5’1 wife.

  15. Getting ready to fire up dinner

These minor infractions aren’t enough to send any of these couples to divorce court (at least we hope not), but it will certainly ensure that the wives leave detailed directions for the next time. And that includes those purposely trying to wiggle their way out of household chores. You’re not fooling anyone!

Which one of these can you relate to the most? What pic and explanation had you cracking up? Got your own story to share?