15 Photos That Help Tell the Story of Prince Philip’s Life

theroyalfamily via Instagram

Prince Philip would have celebrated his 100th birthday this summer. Just 2 months before his birthday, at the age of 99, he breathed his last breath and passed away in his sleep at home at Windsor Castle.

Buckingham Palace announced the sad news in the morning on April 9, 2021, and The Queen, the royal family, and everyone in England are now in a state of mourning.

Prince Philip lived a long life, but how much do you know about his life? Sure, he is the Duke of Edinburgh, and he was married to Queen Elizabeth II, but there’s more to his life than that. Did you know that he served in World War II? Did you know that he married Queen Elizabeth II before she became queen? 

Scroll down to get a glimpse at Prince Philip’s life through pictures. As the saying goes, a picture speaks 1000 words, and these photos speak volumes about the late prince’s life.

  1. A Military Man

    Prince Philip joined the royal navy as a cadet in 1939. On VJ Day, he was in Tokyo Bay on active duty when the Japanese surrendered.

  2. Wedding Bells

    Prince Philip married Queen Elizabeth II in 1947.

  3. Honeymoon

    The couple was married for 73 years. Here they are on their honeymoon.

  4. The Queen’s Coronation

    The Queen’s coronation took place at Westminster Abbey in 1953. Prince Philip looks very proud of his wife in this photo.

  5. A Father

    In honor of Father’s Day, the royal family released several pictures of a young Prince Philip with his children.

  6. Balmoral Castle

    Here is a picture of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh in 1976 at the Library at Balmoral Castle.

  7. In New Zealand

    The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh visited New Zealand in 1977. Here they are pictured wearing Kiwi feather cloaks.

  8. In the South Seas

    Here’s a photo from 1982 in which The Queen is taking a picture of her husband. They were visiting the South Sea Islands of Tuvalu.

  9. Dancing

    Also in 1982, here is a photo of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh dancing an eightsome reel during the Centenary Ball of the Royal Scottish Pipers’ in Edinburgh.

  10. Visiting Ireland

    In 2011, The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Ireland in 2011. This was the first time a reigning British monarch visited the Republic of Ireland since The Queen’s grandfather King George V, visited in 1911.

  11. Waving to the Newlyweds

    Here, Prince Philip is seen waving to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after their wedding in 2018.

  12. 97th Birthday

    This photo was released in celebration of Prince Philip’s 97th birthday.

  13. Great-Grandfather

    Prince Philip has multiple great-grandchildren. Here he is meeting Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

  14. Prince Philip’s 99th Birthday

    Here is a photo from June 2020 to celebrate Prince Philip’s 99th birthday which would end up becoming his last birthday.

  15. Celebrating Their 73rd Anniversary

    In this photo, which was taken in November 2020, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are looking at an anniversary card made by their great-grandchildren.