15 People Share How Much Money They Actually Make In Their Profession

It can often be considered rude to ask someone how much money they make. A lot of people like to keep their financial information private, but sometimes people don’t mind sharing their salary with others.

One Reddit user asked, “What is your job and how much do you get paid?” Many people felt comfortable sharing their salary, but others felt like they should switch careers after reading some of the answers.

You might be surprised how much and how little certain jobs pay. In some cases, it’s important to keep in mind that what one job pays in one location might be quite different in another location. Experience and qualifications probably influence some salaries as well.

Scroll down to see some answers to how much people really get paid for their profession.

  1. Toddler Lead Teacher

    Reddit user lekksy_ wrote:

    Toddler lead teacher. Just got a raise from 9.65 (minimum wage) to 10.50 but not because I’m valued, because we’re so severely understaffed and everyone that walks through walks right back out once they learn how low the wage is. Don’t blame them one bit.

  2. Carpenter

    OrganizationAfraid80 added:

    Carpenter $117,000 aud

  3. Substitute Teacher

    TripleGlazed answered:

    Substitute Teacher, $40.57 an hour

  4. Researcher

    chicken–jesus shared:

    I do research with brain cells, HIV, cocaine, and fentanyl. $29,500/year aka ~$14/hr. Yes I’m sad that this is what a Master’s degree got me.

  5. Nuclear Plant Electrician

    Lehmanaders explained:

    Nuclear plant electrician 50 an hour, 130-150k a year depending on Ot/bonus. Moving into an operations role in the plant soon

  6. Line Cook/Manager

    Another Reddit user added:

    I’m a line cook / manager for a busy restaurant, and I get paid $19 an hour +tip share + profit share from two recipes of mine on the menu.

  7. Officer on a Container Ship

    kevinkap414 shared:

    Officer on a container ship work about 6 months out of the year and make about 120k. For the most part my job is looking out a window at some waves.

  8. Private Jet Captain

    CL350S explained:

    Private jet captain. Varies with overtime, but this year will be around $360k.

  9. Vet Tech

    Grin_nbearit wrote:

    Vet tech, $15/hr in Utah. Getting a raise later this month tho!

  10. Recycling Plant Employee

    randos__ added:

    I work at a recycling plant, I get $35 an hour to stand at a conveyer belt picking out glass

  11. Medical Coder

    PM_Daddy_Bellies answered:

    Medical Coder – make $31/hr, about 65k annually.

  12. NYC Roll Off Dumpster Driver

    fin425 shared:

    NYC roll off dumpster driver under a Teamster union contract. $40 an hour in January + medical and pension paid 100% by my employer. There’s guaranteed overtime too, so gross around $130k + the other perks. We also get a 100k severance payout the day we retire. I have a bachelors in business, but fell in love with being outside all day. I also sell scrap metal if I can collect it and I have a thriving eBay business from other things I find in the dumpsters. Made another 20-25k doing that on the side.

  13. Air Ambulance Pilot

    FodderOfCannons wrote:

    Air Ambulance Pilot (helicopter). $80k a year.

  14. Air Traffic Controller

    ATC_av8er explained:

    Air Traffic Controller. Around $100k

  15. Underwater Welder

    Psychotic_Precision answered:

    Underwater Welder. 296k annually.