15 Of the Funniest Cakes For Any Occasion

overthinkingpigeon3 via Reddit

A specially decorated cake doesn’t have to just be for a birthday or a wedding. You can have a cake decorated for absolutely any occasion.

Reddit users are sharing images of cakes that are absolutely hilarious. Some of these cakes are for occasions like birthdays and are hilarious because the decorating was an epic fail. Other cakes were created for less typical reasons and are hilarious because of what is written on them. Sometimes a cake says it best.

Scroll down to discover 15 hilarious cakes that prove you really can have a cake decorated for absolutely any reason and sometimes an epic fail is okay because it’s funny.

  1. The Frowny Face Is the Best Part

  2. A Very Unusual Way to Say “Welcome”

  3. Maybe There’ll Be Another Cake When the Other Two Pass?

  4. Only IT Professionals Would Appreciate This Cake

  5. Truly a Cake for Everything

  6. Did She Cut the Cake Exactly Like This On Purpose?

  7. Some Cakes Look Too Good To Eat. Not This One.

    My friend made a Danny Devito cake for her friend. It’s worse in person.

  8. Tell the Truth with Cake

    So my friend recently got a job at DQ. This is the first thing she was asked to write on a cake.

  9. Tell a Secret – There’s a Cake for That

  10. Perfect for a Divorce Party

  11. The Next Level of a Relationship

  12. This Could Scare Children

  13. Not Sure We’d Eat This Cake

  14. Um, Thank You?

  15. This Is Horrible