15 People Share the Myths About Women That They’d Like to See Put to Rest For Good

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There are some differences between men and women. We have different reproductive organs. Men tend to be taller with bigger arm muscles. Women tend to, well, what do women tend to do?

There are a lot of myths about women, and many people think it’s time for people to stop believing them. Reddit user grimmalkin asked, “What widely believed female myth would you most like to see dispelled?”

Many Reddit users shared myths they wish people would stop believing about women. Scroll down for 15 examples.

  1. Emotional

    Reddit user skatelikevitue wrote:

    Women are more “emotional” than men. As though anger isn’t an emotion.

  2. Not Taken Seriously About Pain

    lilacdawn shared:

    That women have low pain tolerance and/or complain more, especially when it comes to health issues.The amount of times women are disbelieved about their pain when they go to the doctor is ridiculous. It’s often attributed to their period which is bad on 2 levels – 1) your period shouldn’t be debilitating to that degree and if it is the doctor should find out what’s wrong and help (ovarian cysts, endometriosis etc) and 2) it might be a serious issue not related to the reproductive system that gets ignored and dismissed.

  3. Babies

    Odd_Meet_8632 added:

    That all women have a maternal instict or want babies.

  4. “Mysterious”

    A list of examples from Omniiglass:

    That we all bleed when we have sex for the first timeThat we know how to instinctively raise a child and then get stuck with most of the child raising That we’re ‘allowed’ to be emotional when in reality it’s used as a weapon to discredit and invalidate us in both social and professional circles That our bodies are ‘more mysterious and complicated’ when in reality it’s bc it’s old ass white men choosing what medical research gets funding and insurance coverage and our needs get pushed to the side That our friendships are drama filled

  5. The Way We Look

    DisloyalMouse answered:

    When I read this the first one that leapt out to me is the bizarre myth that everything we wear, make up we use, hairstyle, everything we say, etc is some how in service of appearing more attractive to men

  6. Big Boobs

    kristinah25 wrote:

    That just because I have big boobs I am always purposely trying to show them off.No, it’s just that no matter what I wear they are going to be poking out.

  7. Aunt Flo

    Riin183 shared:

    That we can “hold in” our period

  8. Sex

    macocmavi_cmoc added:

    That the vagina stretches with sex and that it’s immoral for a woman to have a high number of sexual partners/enjoy sex

  9. “Catty”

    Not_a_cat_I_promise answered:

    That women are more gossipy or catty. I’ve been friends with both men and women, men are just as prone to gossip and talking about people behind their backs.

  10. Frenemies

    TerribleAttitude wrote:

    That we hate each other. That all female friendships are secretly competitive frenemyships, and any two women who aren’t friends must be at absolute war.And that when we do hate each other, it must be due to competition over men or who’s prettier.

  11. PMS

    rainbowcolorunicorn shared:

    If I’m PMSing then I am not on my period…. It just goes to show how little some people know of the female body and how its cycle works.

  12. Easily Offended

    SnowFlurries90 added:

    The one that jumps out at me is the idea that women get offended easily, so you need to coddle them and sugarcoat everything; as if woman just need to be protected and shielded.I work with a lot of men and I see this a lot. I don’t think there is I’ll-intent, but it’s annoying. I’m a 31 year old, married, grown adult woman working in the corporate world. I’m not some sensitive, delicate flower that needs to be protected. I can take a joke, and in fact can make jokes more inappropriate than the ones I hear from the men. I also don’t need to have critiques of my work sugarcoated. Tell me what I did wrong or what I need to change and I’ll do it. It’s not that difficult.

  13. Desire

    Emptyplates answered:

    That women aren’t visually stimulated or have spontaneous desire.

  14. Marriage

    aherusia shared:

    That our end goal is to get married

  15. “Looked Down Upon”

    Olives_And_Cheese explained:

    That jobs, behaviours and hobbies that are seen as ‘feminine’ should be looked down upon. (First of all the stereotypes are a load of rubbish anyway) but why is being emotional seen as a bad thing? Men keep moaning about how they struggle expressing themselves. BE emotional sometimes. Why is being a teacher seen as a lesser occupation? Because women do it. Why is domesticity so reviled by both men and women? Because traditionally it’s a woman’s job. Why are feminine clothes so markedly avoided by men? Because women wear them.Men want to be men, and unfortunately, I think a lot of women try to emulate them in work places and social settings because it’s seen so much ‘lesser’ to be a woman. And that’s the myth that I want to dispell. Traditionally feminine things should be revered just as highly as traditionally male accoutrements.