15 Groom First Look Reaction Shots That Will Melt Your Heart

Groom clasping hands at the altar.Scoopwhoop.com

It’s like something out of a romance movie where the bride slowly makes her way down the aisle, and the groom captures his first look and just melts. Then we all melt with him. Only he knows exactly what he’s thinking and feeling in that moment.


Being able to witness two people come together in the name of true love is magical. In the emotional shots below, we take a peek at the touching moment a groom sees the love of his life stepping down the aisle. Tissues, please.

  1. That moment when he realizes it’s really happening and he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

    Groom looks2Kirk and Treens

  2. This soldier can’t hold it in when he sees her.

    Groom look3Michael Wachniak

  3. When he’s so overcome with emotion that she nurtures and comforts him.

    Groom looks 4Weldon Weddings via Pinterest

  4. Happy tears as he sees his future coming towards him.

    Groom wiping tears from face.A Cup of Jo

  5. All he can think is how lucky he is to be standing here right now.

    Groom look6Caroline Ghetes Photography

  6. When he’s wondering if he’ll be able to keep it together during the ceremony.

    Groom look7Sara Kauss via Lucky Old Sun Ranch

  7. It’s like seeing her for the first time all over again.

    Grooms look8Belfiore Bridal

  8. He realizes he totally has it all now.

    Groom look9The Celebration Society

  9. When he’s so emotional that he’s made everyone else in the room cheer him on.

    Weepy groomEssence Magazine

  10. Neither dad nor the groom could contain their tears, but the bride is beaming with love.

    Groom and father of the bride crying.HBA Photography

  11. Can someone please hand him a hanky? And I may need one too.

    Crying groom12Chris Giles Photography

  12. True love is like when he breaks down and she’s there to hold him up.

    Groom tears13Junebug Weddings

  13. Nothing could have prepared him for this precious moment.

    Groom firstlook14Adam Ward Photography

  14. Awwwwwwwwwwww

    Groom featuredScoopwhoop.com

  15. This is exactly what pure joy looks like.


    Joyful groom16Mentor Mob


When the ceremony begins it’s easy for nerves and butterflies to take over, so we can’t help but imagine what these guys are feeling. Even though the room is full of family and friends, it seems like time stands still and it’s just two people who are madly in love standing there. As their eyes lock, there aren’t any words that can be said in that instant; it’s unspoken magic. That look is sealed in their minds forever. Wedding photographers commonly say that capturing “the look” is always the best part of the job.

Here’s an interesting tidbit, though: there are some couples who choose to take “First Look” photos prior to their ceremony. It’s a way for them to share the intimate glance with only a photographer present, and some couples say it helped them be less nervous for the big day. Many of them are still flooded with the same rollercoaster of emotions.

For those of you who have already walked down the aisle, or are about to, how do you feel about that look? What was going through your mind? Tell us in the comments!