15 Entitled People Who Need a Serious Reality Check


The saying goes that “beggars can’t be choosers” but some modern day beggars seems to be pretty picky. They are so entitled that they seem to think people owe them money just for their pure existence, and even when people offer them money, sometimes they are so ungrateful it’s ridiculous. Unless it’s the best, it’s not good enough for them.

We’re not talking about people who are truly homeless and asking for food to survive. We’re talking about women who wouldn’t settle for  a so-so engagement ring from their true love and men who want to be paid back for buying a girl drinks when she didn’t go home with him. We’re talking about people who want help buying presents for their kids, but only if those presents are name brand. We’re talking about the ultimate entitled requests from seriously clueless people.

Here are some examples of people who need a reality check. These requests are not ok.

  1. Go Fish

  2. Looks Edible to Us

  3.  Too Much Work

  4. No Offense

  5.  “It’s for a Good Cause”

  6.  Free Access

  7.  He Wants His Money Back

  8.  Engagement Ring

  9.  Nike or Nothing

  10.  It Was “Free”

  11.  Free Piano

  12.  Good Luck Lady

  13.  Free Photographer

  14.  Unreasonable Offer

  15.  Cost of Dating