15 People Point Out the Double Standards That They’re Tired of Seeing

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Have you ever felt like there are two sets of rules, rules that apply to some people and rules that apply to others? This could be considered a double standard, like when someone in authority doesn’t follow rules that they expect you to follow.

Reddit user WistfulNightSky asked, “What double standard are you tired of?” Many, many Reddit users shared great examples. We can relate to many of them. Scroll down for 15 examples of double standards that people are really tired of seeing.

  1. Politicians

    Reddit user Winter_Ad_1742 wrote:

    Politicians who come up with dumb to asinine laws, and vigorously enforce them upon all of the regular citizens, but somehow find ways to exempt themselves from being subject to the same obligations to keep and follow them, as we are.

  2. Email

    mljb81 shared:

    My principal taking days to read and reply to my emails, if ever, VS me being told at 8 in the morning that I should have known something because he sent me an email at 10 in the evening the night before.

  3. “Entry Level Jobs”

    Arctinii answered:

    “Entry level jobs” that require experience

  4. Overtime

    Entire_Ad9420 explained:

    Your boss getting angry if you’re a couple minutes late but then expects you to have no problem regularly staying on 2+ hours after your shift is meant to end.

  5. Mental Illness

    guyinspace shared:

    To borrow from Matt Haig: people being ok with mental illness until someone shows symptoms of one

  6. Customers

    lydiaj02 wrote:

    Customers being able to verbally and sometimes physically assault workers while the worker just has to stand there and take it or they’ll be fired.

  7. Dental Insurance

    talwen69 added:

    Why is dental insurance diffrent from “health insurance” aren’t teeth part of my overall health wth!!

  8. Waiting Room

    cutiegirl88 shared:

    I have to be exactly on time for an appointment or risk a fine and no appointment. Yet a doctor can make you wait hours sometimes without even a “thank you for waiting” or “sorry about the wait”

  9. Wedding Plans

    vajapocalypse explained:

    Some people I know who are strongly against gender norms told me that I shouldn’t have a say in my wedding since I’m a man…and that my fiancé alone makes the decisions

  10. Student Athletes

    HonoraryCanadian answered:

    Star student athletes are nearly untouchable. If they make the school look good the school will almost never take action against them.

  11. The Power of Money

    Spodson wrote:

    Basic laws not applying to people with money or power. I thought the US was based on an idea that nobody was above the law.

  12. Work Life Balance

    Pewcachan explained:

    When companies say they are family friendly but don’t want you to work from home or help with child care.

  13. Salary

    CrieDeCoeur shared:

    How it’s perfectly okay for a potential employer to ask your salary expectations even before an interview, but a candidate asking what the job pays is somehow a red flag for HR and a big no-no.

  14. “Smoking Hot”

    Postmade explained:

    I’m a teacher and called my wife smoking hot at a football game. My principal reprimanded me for it. I told the principal my wife calls me her smoking hot hubby to her class sometimes. She said it’s different because it’s perceived different when a girl says it.

  15. Parents

    f_this_life wrote:

    Parenting double standards. The gender of the parent does not make the parent. Dads are not “babysitting” their children, they are parenting.