13 People Share Their Bully Stories After Man Tweeted About How He Was Introduced As ‘The Only Kid Who Didn’t Bully Me’

@j_ryz via Twitter

No one likes to be bullied. And yet, there’s always those cruel kids who like to bully someone different than them. No matter how many times they’re taught that bullying isn’t okay, they do it anyway.

If you were bullied a lot when you were younger, then something probably stands out to you: The people who DIDN’T bully you. You know, the people who were actually nice to you. Those are the ones who get remembered.

Don’t’ believe us? One Twitter user with the handle @j_ryz recently tweeted a bittersweet anecdote about how he ran into someone from high school who introduced him to his girlfriend as “the only kid who didn’t bully me.”

The tweet said:

“Ran into a guy I played football with in high school today. As he’s introducing me to his gf he says, “This is John he was the only popular kid in high school who didn’t bully me. He was actually my friend.” Just a reminder that people never forget how you make them feel.”

It really hit everyone in the feels. So much so that people began to share their bullying stories with him (and, subsequently, the world). And THOSE are hitting us in the feels, too.

Check out a few of our favorites below (and then share yours, if you dare!).

Do you have someone you’ll always remember because of what they DIDN’T do?