13 People Share the Modern Trends That They Just Can’t Get Onboard With

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The world today is quite different than it was just a decade or two ago. The internet has changed so many things. Add social media, and a time traveler would probably be quite confused by some of the things we consider common.

Not everyone loves the current trends. From the way we treat celebrities to the way social media is used, a lot of people have opinions about modern trends they don’t agree with. One Reddit user wanted to hear some examples, and the Reddit community delivered.

Scroll down to see some examples of modern trends not everyone likes. See if you agree.

  1. Parents on Social Media

    Reddit user CJGamr01 wrote:

    posting your kids’ entire lives online

  2. Celebrities

    A_Wild_Striker explained:

    Glorifying celebrities and treating them like gods. Like, I understand being a fan of someone, but you don’t have to create an entire livelihood around them or try to emulate them. This is also how people get into positions of power when they shouldn’t be.

  3. “Public Grieving”

    Wookie301 shared:

    Public grieving. And berating those who don’t grieve publicly. When Chadwick Boseman passed away, people were hounding his co-stars regarding their responses. When Malik B of The Roots passed away, Questlove actually found out by being spammed on Twitter by a bunch of strangers. Imagine finding out one of your closest friends died, because random strangers wanted an immediate response from you.

  4. Child Social Media Stars

    Hermit_Krab added:

    Making young children into social media stars. It’s fine to share pictures of your kids with friends, but aggressively documenting and marketing your family life for the public at large is… creepy.

  5. “Please Don’t Put This on Social Media”

    Herps15 answered:

    How everything needs to be on social media. I have to explicitly say to family members, please don’t put this on social media at family events etc… as an example trying to post that I had gotten engaged on Facebook before I’d even got to tell close family and friends who weren’t actually there. Then getting defensive when you say can you not post that please

  6. Licking Things

    Anjelikka wrote:

    I’m just so glad the “licking things at the store” trend is over. It is over, right? Please tell me that’s finally done.

  7. The Things That Get Praised

    thatswhatshesaidxx explained:

    The celebration of bad attitudes, habits and toxic traits.People would rather be praised for being a villain than to be obscure. People would rather give praise to a villain than to spend a moment not entertained.

  8. Parent’s Who Are Vloggers

    AggieChristie shared:

    Family vloggers horrify me. The concept of exploiting your children’s lives for views is particularly awful. And because it’s a relatively new concept there are no real laws around child labor or exploitation concerning it. There are youtubers out there right now who live in mansions worth millions of dollars that they got from shoving a camera in their toddler’s face and demanding them to perform for strangers. I can’t even imagine the psychological repercussions this will have on these kids in the future.

  9. Little Kids With Social Media Accounts

    Teddylina answered:

    Letting little kids have social media (unsupervised). They are not equipped to handle any of it. So many conflicts spawn out of it.

  10. RSVP Etiquette

    rutfilthygers added:

    This obviously hasn’t been as big a deal for the last year or so, but the lack of basic etiquette around invitations or even just making plans. People feel absolutely free to not respond until the last minute while waiting for something better to come along, and they don’t think it’s rude to cancel last minute or just not show up without letting you know.

  11. Misinformation

    bvsshevd wrote:

    How quickly misinformation spreads through social media. It’s seriously a dangerous thing in society and it’s pretty terrifying

  12. Too Much Advertising

    RussianTardigrade explained:

    Advertising slowly taking over every single aspect of our lives. I’m not really exaggerating when I say over 90% of the mail and phone calls I get are junk or scams. Data we generate simply by being online being sold to the highest bidder without any real way of stopping it, which in turn fuels more ads. Went shopping more than once at a larger grocery store? Congrats, you now get suspiciously tailored coupons mailed and emailed to you even though you don’t remember ever giving them your addresses, meaning it’s probably linked to your credit card and banking info.The internet is great for knowledge if you look in the right places and allows discovery of fascinating things, but it does sometimes feel like we sold our souls to somebody for it.

  13. Subscriptions

    thejazzace shared:

    You can’t just buy something now. Everything is a subscription. First it was just Netflix, then it was dollar shave club. Now every TV channel is a separate subscription, every household item wants to send it to you over and over again. Nothing is released physically, so the only way to watch a movie or check out a new album is to pay someone monthly. Services that were offered for free or one-time purchase are rescinded and now offered as subscriptions. It’s so obvious that everyone and everything just wants to milk you as long and for as much as possible. And people just buy into it willingly.