13 People Share Their Most Memorable Autocorrect Fails

girl looking at a cell phonePexels

Autocorrect: we love it and hate it at the same time. In an ideal world, autocorrect would correct our typos. In reality, we often find ourselves having to go back and fix autocorrect changes before sending our messages. Yet, we don’t always catch these changes, and that can lead to confusing text messages.

You can probably relate to sending a text to someone and they respond with some sort of confusing message. Then you realize the text you sent wasn’t what you meant to send. There is some glaring change made by autocorrect.

It is possible to turn autocorrect off, and maybe we should all do that. Yet, if we did, we wouldn’t have the memories of these funny autocorrect changes. Scroll down for 13 examples of really bizarre and memorable autocorrect fails.