13 Gender Reveal Photos That Suggest We Need To Rethink Having Them

Dollyasboobs via Reddit

We know that parents are really excited when they are about to have a new baby. This is understandable. Their desire to celebrate as much as possible before the baby is born is also understandable. We get that this is part of the reason gender reveal parties have become so popular.

Finding out whether you’re having a boy or a girl is really exciting, but maybe we should stop celebrating with gender reveal parties. We have seen so many photos and heard so many tragic stories of gender reveal parties gone wrong. In some cases it’s simply a cake that implies that girls and boys can’t pursue the same career paths. In other cases, it ends in death and destruction.

Scroll down for 13 photos from gender reveal parties that make us cringe.

  1. Trashing Public Property

    Leaving your gender reveal garbage in a nature sanctuary. from r/trashy

  2. Releasing Pink Fumes

    Gender reveal redneck style. from r/trashy

  3. What About Female Police Officers?

    From the gender reveal to the fondant, this whole thing feels pointless and unnecessary from r/pointlesslygendered

  4. Littering in the Snow

    Someone did a gender reveal in a public park flower garden. They left the plastic confetti, balloons and tape on the ground and in the pond. The snow said “it’s a girl”. from r/trashy

  5. More Litter in a Public Park

    Plastic confetti left behind by a gender reveal party in a public park. from r/mildlyinfuriating

  6. Littering in a Lake

    These people doing a gender reveal on a lake with confetti. They didn’t clean up and they threw the confetti canisters in the lake. from r/trashy

  7. This Had to Hurt

  8. A Box Hanging in the Air Was a Bad Idea

  9. This Couple Sent Fireworks into a Crowd of People

  10. This Seems Inappropriate

    This Gender Reveal Cake. How Did They Not See How Creepy This Is? from r/FondantHate

  11. There Are Male Ballet Dancers

    i can’t with gender reveal cakes from r/pointlesslygendered

  12. Wildfires

    A wildfire in California was started by a pyrotechnic device used at a gender reveal party

  13. Explosives Gone Wrong


    This father-to-be was killed by an explosive device while preparing for a gender reveal party.