12 Tea Bag Beauty Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

We already know that the store isn’t the only place to look for things to power-up our beauty routines or remove our make-up— there’s tons of things to use right in our kitchens! One thing in our pantries we may have overlooked before now? Tea bags! There are actually TWELVE ways we can use them to get better hair, skin, nails and more. POPSUGAR Beauty walks us through them.

Did you catch all of those? Let’s recap!

12 Beauty Uses For Tea Bags

  1. Heal and soothe a sunburn
  2. Fix a broken nail
  3. Soothe puffy eyes
  4. Create a rinse to get shiny hair and combat dandruff
  5. Soothe a poison ivy rash
  6. Get better breath, and prevent gum disease and tooth decay
  7. Make a toning mist to freshen up skin and control oil
  8. Soothe razor burn
  9. Steam skin for cleaner pores and a spa-like experience
  10. Clear acne
  11. Clean a make-up mirror
  12. Make a calming DIY potpourri

So many great uses? Have you ever used tea bags in any of these ways before? Are there any uses you think were missed?

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