12 Creative Ideas for DIY French Manicures

For almost as long as nail polish has been a common beauty tool, there’s been a manicure rule: when in doubt, go French! After all, the crisp, delineated tip and clean base goes with everything, and the finished look is absolutely classic. Still, even the biggest French fans want variety sometimes, and the more fun we all have with nail art, the more we start to realize that the nude base and white tip can be kind of, well, boring. That doesn’t mean we have to abandon the French, though; oh no. We just have to update and play with it, and there are TONS of ideas out there: different colors, different shapes, extra pretty touches, you name it! Here are twelve of our favorite tip-and-base pairings that put the fun back into French.

  1. Glitter Tips

  2. Classic Colors and Negative Space

  3. Summery Watermelon

  4. Matte

  5. Reverse

  6. Sideways

  7. Pink Ombre

  8. Cityscape

  9. Silver French Twist

  10. Neon Green and Negative Space

  11. Nude and Black

  12. The Classic Made Easy

Still can’t get enough? Check out the list over on Diply.

Which nail art designs will you try? Are you more of a fan of the classic French, or do you love the twists here?