12 Household Products That Are Perfect for Removing Make-up

While quality make-up prices keep on rising, and even drug store brands aren’t exactly cheap anymore, the last thing we want to do is spend money on special removers to take it all off at the end of the day. Thankfully, we don’t have to— and neither do you! Everything we need is already in our homes, and some of them are pretty unexpected. Stop wasting money on make-up remover, and put these TWELVE things you’ve already purchased to use.

  1. Coconut Oil

    The first place you should check for alternative make-up removers? Your pantry— or wherever you keep your coconut oil! It’s gentle and smells great, and only a tiny bit will take everything off, even waterproof mascara.

  2. Shortening

    Another item to grab from the kitchen? Shortening! The vegetable-oil-based product takes make-up right off.

  3. Honey

    Yes, it’s sticky, but it’ll also take that stubborn make-up off! Rub it lightly into your skin with your fingers, then use a cotton pad to swipe it off. The make-up will come off with it, and your skin will be left soft and sweet.

  4. Grape Seed + Castor Oil

    Mix three tablespoons of grapeseed oil and one of castor oil to make a DIY remover perfect for sensitive skin.

  5. Aloe Vera

    Want a remover that’ll also soothe puffy, irritated eyes? Use aloe vera!

  6. Jojoba Oil

    Another oil you can try? Jojoba! Mix it with water for a non-allergenic way to get rid of that make-up.

  7. No-Tears Baby Shampoo

    If you have kids, you probably already have some, and you know it’s gentle on the eyes, so why NOT try this one? It’s an especially great last-minute option. Just add ONE drop to a cotton swab, and you’re all set to start wiping the make-up away.

  8. Hair Conditioner

    You can raid your own hair care products for in-a-pinch make-up remover, too! A little dab of hair conditioner will take it right off; just be careful. It’s also a great option if you’re so tired you get into the shower without remembering to take off your make-up.

  9. Baby Oil

    Another gentle baby product you can put to adult use? Baby oil! Squirt some on a cotton ball, place over closed eyes, and massage in circles to take off stubborn make-up.

  10. Avocados

    Tons of DIY beauty recipes out there call for avocado oil, but for make-up remover, you don’t need any chemistry— just the avocado and a cotton swab. Swab the avocado – you don’t need chunks, just the oil! – and remove away. It’s perfect for touch-ups and stray mascara marks!

  11. Vegetable Oil Medley

    We already knew that olive oil is great for your skin. NOW, though, we know that when we mix it with equal parts canola and castor oils, it makes a fabulous make-up remover!

  12. Petroleum Jelly

    Need something for waterproof make-up? Petroleum jelly is a great, gentle way to remove it safely. Just put a small amount on a cotton swab or pad – or just use your fingers – and gently dab some on your eye make-up to remove it.

So many great options! Want more ideas, or more information on these DIY removers? Check out these guides from Instructables and All Women’s Talk. Have you ever tried any of these tricks before? Which items do you have in your pantry right now?