11 People Reveal the Workplace Secrets That They Absolutely Shouldn’t Know


Every workplace has its secrets. What those secrets are depends on where you work, but if you do any digging at all, you’ll probably learn a thing or two that you’re not supposed to know.

Maybe these secrets are about your boss, a product or something else that is not only surprising to you but would be a huge drama if it ever became public knowledge.

Without revealing where they work, many Redditers have shared their workplace’s dirty little secrets. It all started when Reddit user TinMan11111 asked, “What do you know about your workplace that you are not supposed to know?”

Scroll down to hear 11 surprising workplace secrets.

  1. That Escalated Quickly

    Written by Reddit user Buwaro:

    At a previous job we had an HR manager get fired right after returning from maternity leave. She was replaced by the guy that she trained to fill in for her while she was gone. She sent a company wide email with the pay rate of everyone from the plant manager on down. It was a shit show. A lot of pay rates were wildly different in management/supervision and maintenance. There were talks of workstop strikes and slowdowns, even threats of unionizing. I believe that this one act lead to the eventual closure of the plant. It was a crazy time.

  2. The Owner Is a Thief

    Golden_Moth shared:

    Someone has been stealing things from everyone’s desks in our office. I setup a teddy cam on someone’s desk (with their permission) to find out who was doing it. Turns out it’s the owner of the company.

  3. Information Is Power

    Written by vitxalmour:

    By jumping from department to department over the years, at my old job I knew a combination of things that no one person was supposed to know.I knew alarm codes, vault combinations, locations of keys, passwords, schedules, location and functionality of cameras and security systems. Led to a lot of idle daydreaming on bad days of things I could, but never would, do.

  4. Security Is Minimal

    Reddit user PrinceVarlin wrote:

    Only one of the security cameras actually works. The rest are for show.

  5. Drugs

    Written by popsludge:

    That at my “zero drug tolerance” workplace the CEOs executive assistant and the head of HR do coke on weekends together. So I know when they’re not going out that weekend there’ll be a workplace drug test the end of the next week.

  6. Someone Got a Raise

    Benpea added:

    We’ve had a salary/wage increase freeze for over two years due to our ‘dire financial issues’, but our President still took his raise. He now makes over a million a year. There are only 30 employees in the company.

  7. What’s Going on Over There?

    Written by Avatar_ZW:

    From my last job…”Under no circumstances are you even to look at what’s going on in the other half of the plant.” What was going on? They were building an automated side. Got replaced by a robot a year later.

  8. Office Romance

    Shared by Reddit user muscle2muscletoe2toe:

    My boss was/is sleeping with HR head and theyre both married (not to each other)

  9. Wages

    Written by JamRel:

    My office purposily messes up people’s wages to see if A) they’re honest about receiving extra or B) they can save money by not paying it all. It’s such a scum thing to do just glad it never happened to me.

  10. “She Lied on Her Resume”

    Makenshine wrote:

    Not my current job, but when I worked in logistics my boss, head of outbound operations didn’t have a high school diploma and and the job required a college degree. She lied on her resume to get the job.

  11. Another Affair

    poolsideconvoooooooo shared:

    my boss has been banging the secretary, who is married, for years, and it’s a secret that the secretary’s first kid (14 yo) is my boss’ biological child.my boss is also married with kids.