11 Simple Tricks That Will Change Your Life for the Better

Life can be one big cycle of wake up, work, cook/clean, and go to bed. Then we rinse and repeat. On top of our basic responsibilities, we’ve also got to figure out self-care, fun, stress, and productivity.

It can weigh on a person! That’s why it’s important to create an environment where your health, home, and body are a top priority. By doing one or more of these small things below, you can give yourself a step up when it comes to managing your physical and mental health.

Direct the course of your day to feel better, work better, and live better without having to spend loads of time or money! Take a look at these small tricks that can make things a little better for you:

  1. Wear Socks to Bed

    Socks at bedtime can produce wonderful results for your sleep habits and your beauty routine. Moisturize your cracked, neglected soles with coconut or olive oil, and slap some socks on overnight for healing. Evidence also suggests that sleeping with socks on helps you to fall asleep faster. This is especially good news for insomniacs!

  2. Drink Water When You Wake Up

    Most people could probably stand to drink more water on a daily basis, but doing it as soon as you wake up has added benefits like boosting your metabolism and keeping the heart healthy. If you want to take it a step further, add orange, honey, or lemon to it!

  3. Keep a Lemon On the Nightstand

    It’s possible to experience the magic of lemons without even tasting it. Its properties can impact your allergies, anxiety, and more by just being sliced open. Learn what a bedside lemon can do for you by clicking here!

  4. Drink Baking Soda

    You already know that baking soda is a wonder when it comes to cleaning. But boy oh boy, it’s great for your immune system too! A tiny bit of it mixed in with water can knock out infections, soothe ulcers, and energize you. Try sipping on 1/4 teaspoon mixed in a glass of water.

  5. Try a Cold Shower

    Hear us out. A cold shower here or there can aid in weight loss, healthy skin, and mood swings. Some folks even like to switch water temps back and forth during one shower. Called a contrast shower, it’s a recovery technique that promotes healthy circulation and post-workout recovery.

  6. Eat A Banana Daily

    Besides being a nutritious snack, bananas offer a host of benefits like cancer protection and help with tobacco withdrawal. Learn more by clicking here.

  7. Sleep On Your Left Side

    You probably have a sleeping position that is your dedicated way to lay, but sleeping on your left is good for your health. Heart health, digestion, and snoring are just a few areas this dreamy position helps with.

  8. Defeat Clutter

    How many times has the sight of clutter driven you mildly insane? You’re not alone! It’s not that difficult to get a system in place to fight it. Try these Feng Shui tips.

  9. Sharpen Your Brain Each Day

    We all know that with age comes some cognitive decline, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Studies show that keeping your brain active with things like puzzles can increase its longevity and promote strong cognitive function. That means you should keep doing the puzzles and riddles you see on this site!

  10. Exercise

    You can pick which exercises you want to do, but spending at least 20 – 30 minutes a day doing a physical activity is good for your body, mind, and sleeping habits. Show your arms, legs, or abdomen some love!

  11. Relax and De-stress

    Find a way to unwind to keep stress and anxiety at bay. And don’t wait until the end of your day or the weekend to do it! Take a nap, use acupressure, build in some DIY spa time, or some other activity and let your cares fall away!

Take small steps to manage your lifestyle and you’ll start to see improvements over time. Don’t think it can’t be done! Some of you may even become inspired to do more to change your life like travel, get a pet, or change your gig. Get out of your rut!

What simple tricks do you plan on using to enhance your life? Do any of these call out to you?