11 Awesome Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

Every once in a while, we come across a new invention that’s so cool, we can’t help but share it with all of you. In the past, we’ve shown you transformable pools and even moveable airplane seats, but today we have a list of 11 creations that are, without a doubt, the most impactful we’ve come across yet!

These incredible inventions range from big to small and super cheap to ultra-expensive, but we think each and every one has the power to make a positive change in your life! For more information on each product, be sure to follow the links below.

  1. The FoldiMate

    Although there are plenty of hacks out there for folding your clothes more efficiently, we don’t blame you if you still don’t like the chore! Luckily, there’s the FoldiMate, a robotic machine that actually de-wrinkles, treats, and perfectly folds even the most cumbersome of garments. A contraption straight out of The Jetsons!

  2. The Grommet

    An elegant bracelet that actually doubles as a ponytail holder! Perfect for long-haired guys or gals who like to change up their hairstyles throughout the day.

  3. iNyx

    Branded as the “World’s Most Advanced Bed”, iNyx is outfitted with several nifty automatic features, including retractable blinds to block morning light, an HD projector for bedside entertainment, and even a built-in aroma dispenser system. A bed fit for a king!

  4. The Coolest Cooler

    The perfect gift for the tailgater or boater in your life, this super-advanced cooler comes equipped with a rechargeable blender for on-the-go mixed drinks, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, and a removable divider built to protect your dry goods. They really thought of everything!

  5. Trac-Grabber

    If you love off-roading, or simply live in a rainy area, we bet you have gotten your car stuck in the mud once or twice. To make sure this never happens to any driver again, the good people at Trac-Grabber designed an attachable metal cover that gives car wheels the grips they need to get out of the stickiest situations. Genius!

  6. The Ta-Ta Towel

    A quirky yet oddly useful invention for big-busted ladies who experience uncomfortable “boob sweat”. This special towel keeps the chest area cool, which in turn helps regulate body temperature. As an added bonus, the Ta-Ta Towel comes in designs that are so cute, they are practically begging to be rocked poolside!

  7. The Auto-Exploration Bra

    A revolutionary bra that was designed with one goal in mind—detecting breast cancer. Higia Technologies is headed up by a teen CEO who made it his mission to create a bra that saves lives. It’s equipped with sensors that spot changes in body temperature, breast tissue texture, and elasticity—all within the first hour of wear. Incredible stuff!

  8. Hydrohammock

    Looking to step up your game when it comes to your R&R? If so, then good news— we have found a stylish hammock that also doubles as a hot tub. Quite possibly the most relaxing way to lounge outdoors!

  9. PodRide

    Love riding your bike but hate when you have to put it away until the next sunny day? PodRide, the first bicycle-car hybrid, solves the issue of rain and cold for more comfortable and insulated rides. Sure, you may look a little “Fred Flinstone-y” in the PodRide, but the benefits certainly overshadow any raised eyebrows.

  10. Lawson Hammock

    Yet another revolutionary hammock that we think is brilliant, the Lawson Hammock starts off as a tent but can be tied to trees for a canopy-inspired outdoor sleep experience. The best part about this camping gear? The netting keeps the bugs from biting you at night!

  11. Dolmio Pepper Hacker

    A must-have tool for moms and dads who can’t get their kiddos to put down those devices, the Dolmio Pepper Hacker functions as an ordinary pepper grinder, but it also has another use—it turns off phones, tablets, and TVs, all with a simple flick of the wrist. We’ve heard of “smart TVs”, but never “smart kitchenware”!

Be honest—how many times did you just say, “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” We’d love to hear your take on these innovations! Do you own any of these products? If so, are you happy with your purchase? Do you know of any amazing recent inventions that everyone should own?