All Women Who Have Anxiety Will Understand These 11 Struggles All Too Well

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Do you suffer from anxiety? If so, know that you are NOT alone! According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a staggering 40 million adults–that’s around 18% of all Americans over the age of 18–suffer from some form of the disorder. Unfortunately, women are diagnosed with anxiety about twice as often as their male counterparts.

It’s an overwhelming statistic, but it’s also one that, we feel, is very important to face because it shows that anxiety should be discussed a whole lot more than it is. Sadly, societal stigmas are still attached to mental health, even though many of these disorders are just as common as migraine headaches.

So, to help break the stigma, we’ve made a list of the 11 most relateable anxiety struggles that all ladies can relate to. We hope that you find some solace in our openness. And, remember to keep your doctor in the loop as to any changes in how you are feeling. Only about 36% of anxiety sufferers get the help they need–let’s change that figure for the better!

  1. When you attempt to get a full night’s sleep but are lucky to get just 40 winks

    The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) says that a good percentage of those who have been diagnosed with general anxiety disorder also suffer from insomnia. A double-whammy that can make symptoms even harder to overcome.

  2. When you follow a healthy diet, but your tummy never seems to be happy with you

    No, you’re not imagining things; experts agree that anxiety and painful GI symptoms go hand-in-hand.

  3. When you constantly question why you are losing your “sharpness”

    Yet another verified symptom of general anxiety disorder (GAD) is confusion and “fogginess.” To make matters worse, some doctors think that our collective technology addiction is only making things worse for anxiety patients who suffer from this symptom.

  4. When you have trouble keeping plans–even the ones you want to keep

    One of the most commonly-reported symptoms that general anxiety sufferers experience is an overwhelming feeling of social anxiety. This can damage the social lives of even the most naturally extroverted women.

  5. When you just can’t shake those “scary” thoughts”

    According to ADAA, a hallmark of anxiety disorder is “the sense of impending danger, panic or doom.” It’s a symptom that can come out of nowhere, making even the most pleasant of days hellish.

  6. When you are perfectly healthy, but your body feels like its sick

    No, you’re not a hypochondriac! According to Anxiety Centre, anxiety activates the stress response, which can result in mimicked flu symptoms, like weakness, achiness, cold sweats, and even sore throats.

  7. When you feel like your body is giving up on you

    One of the worst symptoms of anxiety is the dreaded panic attack, in which sufferers experience severe shortnesses of breath, chest pains, and chills.

  8. When you feel as if the entire room is spinning around you

    Did you know that anxiety and vertigo are often connected? Doctors think that it’s usually the vertigo that comes first, but that the subsequent anxiety that comes with it can be just as damaging.

  9. When you are riddled with anxious ticks

    Experiencing muscle twitches and/or feeling the need to partake irepetitiveve behavior, such as biting your nails, is a common anxiety symptom.

  10. When you can’t seem to get rid of your “dry-mouth”

    One of the more hidden symptoms of anxiety disorder is dry-mouth. This happens when the body isn’t producing enough saliva, but it can actually be caused by strong emotions, such as nervousness and anxiousness.

  11. When your entire day is dictated by a series of lists

    And, all of you anxiety-sufferers know exactly how devastating it can be when an item is left ‘unchecked’!

We’d love to hear your take on this list. Are you an anxiety-sufferer who can relate? If so, which points ring true for you? Any that we missed?