These 11 Actors Are Allegedly Really Difficult To Work With

Bridget Laudien

You probably have some coworkers who are really easy to work with. Maybe you even look forward to going to work because they make the work day more fun. They are friendly and good at their job. Then, there may be coworkers who make you dread going to work. Perhaps they are either in a bad mood all the time or they have super high standards and nothing is ever good enough for them. Or perhaps they slack off and don’t take their job seriously.

Although we may not always think of it this way, acting is just like any other job in a lot of ways, and when an actor is hired for a role on a TV show or movie, that actor becomes a coworker to the other actors on set and the people behind the scenes who make the TV show or movie possible. Some actors get a reputation as being easy to work with, but other actors can be known for being very difficult to work with.

Scroll down to discover 11 actors who are known for being difficult to work with.

  1. Dustin Hoffman

    Dustin Hoffman admits that he can be considered difficult to work with due to how dedicated he is to his work. He once said, “Difficult (reputation)? Or meticulous? Maybe they are one in the same.”

  2. Jennifer Lopez

    Some think Jenny from the block has become a diva due to some of her outrageous demands. For example, in 2012 when she was having her house renovated, the workers were instructed not to make eye-contact with her. Back in 2010, at the World Video Music Awards, she insisted on necessities like having a helicopter on “stand-by” and having a “custom-fitted speed boat.”

  3. Edward Norton

    The actor and filmmaker doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with other filmmakers when it comes to the vision for a project. For example, he decided to reedit “American History X” himself, and that ended up being the version of the movie that was released.

  4. Julia Roberts

    Back in 1991, Julia Roberts was cast as Tinkerbell in the movie “Hook.” She ended up with the on-set nickname “Tinkerhell.” At the time, she was going through a divorce, and according to the film’s director, Steven Spielberg, “It was an unfortunate time for us to work together. But I think Julia is a really, really good actress.”

  5. Mike Myers

    According to IMDB, Mike Myers is known for being a “moody, temperamental control freak.”

  6. Russell Crowe

    Russell Crowe has been known for his bad temper which can turn violent at times. For example, one time he was having trouble calling his wife, so he threw the phone at a hotel employee. Even Crowe admits, “I have that attitude.”

  7. Bill Murray

    Actress Lucy Liu claims that Bill Murray insulted her multiple times on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” More recently, Murray’s latest project, a movie called “Being Mortal” was shut down because of Murray’s comments to a woman on set.

  8. Charlie Sheen

    The “Two and a Half Men” star is known for being disrespectful to the point of even insulting his boss. His behavior led to losing his job on the popular sit-com and being replaced by Ashton Kutcher.

  9. Bruce Willis

    According to Jay Daniel, the producer of the show “Moonlighting,” Bruce Willis was “a guys guy” when he first started on the show, but as time went by, that changed. He explained that Willis “went from being the crew’s best friend and just being grateful for the work and all of that to realizing that he was going to be a movie star and wanting to move on.” This change in behavior “made the set a very unpleasant place to be.”

  10. Lindsay Lohan

    Many consider Lindsay Lohan to be a diva. Screenwriter Paul Schrader explained, “Tardiness, tantrums, absences, neediness and psychodrama: Lindsay feels she must be experiencing an emotion in order to play it. This leads to all sorts of emotional turmoil, not to mention on-set delays and melodrama.”

  11. Chevy Chase

    Chevy Chase was an original cast member on SNL, and his reputation as being difficult to work with started way back then. He once slapped Cheri Oteri on the back on the head, and Lorne Michaels, the show’s creator, banned him from hosting the show.