10 Easy Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Short Hair

Chopping off a whole bunch of hair is so satisfying. Your head feels lighter, your hair looks healthier, and you’ve got a gorgeous new look. The only reason we’ve ever thought about regretting it? Not being able to do all those styles in tutorials from women with Rapunzel-length hair. No more! We don’t regret our short hair, and neither should you. There’s no reason for regret, especially when Fabulous Hannah is here to show us TEN hairstyles specifically for ladies with hair that doesn’t go beyond their shoulders. They’re easy, they’re fun, and they’re fabulous. Watch, learn, and rock your short hair!

I can attest to the struggles of short hair firsthand. While the drastic haircut itself was a bold move for my look (I love it, I’m definitely never growing my hair out again in the foreseeable future), I never thought it would be so difficult to pull back! Or just to style in general.

This can force you to wear your hair the same every day…and this can result in a hairstyle rut. When you’ve just gone out on a limb to try something new, getting into a hair rut is not allowed! Also, if the weather is hot where you are, not being able to easily throw your hair back into a bun is the worst feeling.

So how can you mix it up and stay comfortable and cute in any weather? With these 10 fun hairstyles! A few of our favorites of which are listed below:

The Straight and Messy

Start this look by straightening your hair – if you’re not accustomed to straightening your hair, this may not be the style for you, but this isn’t something you HAVE to do all the time either.

Once your hair is straightened, take a brush and back comb strands of your hair out. Back combing (or “teasing”) is the process of combing your hair against the grain so it becomes purposefully frizzy and distraught. In an era where volume and I-woke-up-like-this hair is idolized, back combing is a technique all ladies should learn!

The Front Braid

Short-haired girls, how annoying is it trying to keep your hair out of your face when you can’t just pull it back like normal? Try this simple little front braid so you can see clearly and look fierce.

First, separate the front section of your hair (your “bangs,” if you will) and tie the rest back. Starting from the crown of your head, braid all the way down. Then, loosen the braid to again give it that casual, unkempt look.

Take your hair down from your pony and pin it back under your layers – this way it will blend it effortlessly, keeping your hair back and looking cool.

The Hun

This is such a hot hairstyle right now and it’s great for wavy and curly hair in particular! The “hun,” or half-bun, works great for a casual or formal look and is so easy to accomplish.

All you have to do is pull the top layer of your hair up, brush it all in the same direction, and twist it into a bun. We highly suggest pulling out some smaller hairs to give your stylish hun a messy look.

Do you have any short hair go-to styles? Share them in the comments section below.