For $100, These Adults Try To Sit In A Hot Car For 10 Minutes

We don’t know about you, but it’s about 100-degrees with what feels like about 1000% humidity in our neck of the woods today. Yep, folks, it’s officially a very toasty summer, which means that we all have to be especially diligent about keeping our kiddos safe.

Of course, we can do this by smearing on that sunscreen and giving them plenty of cold water to down throughout the day, but it also means that we need to be extra careful about keeping them safe in the car.

Now, we know that you would never, EVER leave your little ones unattended in your vehicle — even if you have to just run into the store for 10 minutes — but we’re always surprised to hear that not everyone is aware of the dangers that come with this seemingly minor transgression.

That’s why, today, we’re sharing with you a video that gives you a real in-your-face view of what people go through when they are left in a car on a hot day.

The video, which was originally brought to us by Inside Edition, was devised as a social experiment the participants expected to ace. The Kars4Kids charity offered $100 to any adult who could last 10 minutes in a car on a hot summer’s day, and many accepted the challenge believing they could do it, no sweat.

The actual results were quite different; perhaps unsurprisingly, these folks struggled to stay planted in the hot car, but what makes this clip even more uncomfortable to watch is the fact that heat like this is actually MUCH worse for children to bear.

According to important research published by Temperature, children are affected by this oppressive, stuffy heat in much more dangerous ways than you and I ever would be. You see, the internal temperature of kiddos is actually higher than that of adults; for some reason, they just “run hotter.” Because of this, their internal temperatures rise at a rapid pace when placed in very hot environments.

This means that, when a car is parked in the sun for about an hour or so, a child’s internal temperature could easily reach 104-degrees, a heat-induced fever which could lead to permanent brain damage or even death.

Yep, very serious stuff, folks!

Now that you know a bit about the facts, it’s time to watch adults try to complete the 10-minute hot car challenge. And remember to share the clip with your friends— you never know who may be uninformed about summer car safety!

We’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on the subject of hot cars. Have you tried the hot car challenge before? Have you ever witnessed someone leaving a child in a hot car? If so, what did you do?