10 Different Eyeliner Looks You’re Going To Want To Rock

One of the best things about makeup is the freedom it gives you to change up your look. There are so many shades of makeup and techniques you can use when applying makeup that the possibilities are literally endless. Today, we’re going to show you an awesome video that focuses on eyeliner looks – and not just one or two, but 10 fresh, new eyeliner looks you can add to your repertoire! Each one does something different for your eyes (widen them, make them appear closer together, or farther apart, ect.) and they’re each super easy to master. Watch the tutorial below and choose which eyeliner look you’re going to rock next.

I can’t decide which is my favorite! They’re each perfect for a different eye shape and for different occasions. For instance, you might try “The Traditional” look for dinner with your friends and “The Tiger Eye” for a night on the town.

The choice is yours!

1. The Lashline

This basic look is simple to achieve and isn’t over-the-top. Very suitable for something a little more conservative…dinner with the grandparents, maybe?

All you have to do is follow the line of your lashes from tip to tip with no wing or flare at the end.

2. The Traditional

This is the look of the hour that we’ve all grown accustomed to using. I know it’s my go-to eyeliner look.

Line your lashes as normal, but the draw an extended line from the corner of your eye. Connect this with the lash line and fill in for an easy wing.

3. The Lower Lash Flick

Perfect for people with up-turned eyes especially, the lower lash flick brings a new meaning to the cat eye.

Draw that extended line from the corner of your eye first, and then connect it to a line following your LOWER lashes. Connect just to the corner of your upper lid for an inverted cat eye that will really turn heads.

4. The Thick Wing

Talk about a statement. This wing is a staple for those of us who love bold makeup.

Draw a curved line going out from your eye and then a curved line back towards your eye – so you’ve created an triangle shape on the corner of your eye. Fill it in for a fierce, bold wing.

5. The Bold Liner

Very similar to the The Thick Wing, The Bold Liner has that same dramatic, fierce look, but it focuses more on the eyelid rather than the wing. The wing is significantly shorter in this look and the thickness of the line is over your lash line – this will make your lashes look long and fabulous.

6. The Skinny Wing

Perfect for people with hooded eyes!

This watered down look is the perfect way to rock a cat eye without overdoing it. Perfect for work or any professional occasion.

7. The Double Wing

If you’re constantly chasing the next makeup trend and trying to keep things super cool and edgy, then this look is for you.

To accomplish the coveted double wing, you’re going to start with your basic thick cat eye. Then add another line directly underneath and line your lower lashes with said line. Feel free to thicken that bottom line up for extra flare.

8. The Smokey Wing

Perfect for eyeliner novices, this smokey wing uses a brush and eye shadow to blur your smokey eye – giving it a cool look without too much effort.

9. The Tiger Eye

This dramatic look works great on all shapes!

Draw a traditional wing and then bring the line all the way to your inner corner – then keep going! How far you go is up to you.

10. The Minimal Flick

Perfect for when you’re in a rush or if you woke up from a crazy night before and need to pull it together. This simple flick on the corner of your eye requires no lash lining at all, so it works even better if you have leftover liner hanging around.

Which liner look will you play with? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.